LHHA Recap!!

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Recap!! Last week Joseline was meeting Stevie J for the first time since her pregnancy and she can’t believe he isn’t acknowledging their child. Stevie says there too many rumors with her being with other men, how can he be sure she is pregnant with his child?

Crocodile tears began to form in Joseline’s eyes with that whack a$$ wig, it was hard for me to pay attention to what she was saying because of that whack a$$ wig. Joseline told Stevie the only reason she had him served was so he could at least acknowledge that she was pregnant. They can take a paternity test without the courts involvement and she won’t file for child support. But with all of the things Joseline has done to Stevie, calling CPS on him, saying he sexually abused his children, talked negatively about his children and their mothers, how can he trust her?

Tommie goes down to the police station with Stevie J and they lock her a$$ right up for threatening Joseline on television. Tommie was surprised that they really took that as a threat and so was Stevie. Tommie had to bail out of jail and when she returned home, her mother was there chilling on her couch, she supposed to be watching her kids. Tommie was pissed, she had been calling home from the jail but her mom never answered the phone. The two get into a heated argument and her mom tells the bails bond guy to take Tommie back to jail, what the f$ck? Yea, that would have set me off too.

Messy a$$ Karlie Redd has inserted herself in Rasheeda and Kirk’s business. She has the nerve to meet up with Jasmine, the girl who claims she has a baby by Kirk to get the 411. Jasmine knows Karlie is a messy b$tch and she knows exactly what she’s doing by revealing all to Karlie. She tells Karlie that her and the baby live downstairs from Rasheeda, she has met Karter and Kirk’s relatives, he gave her car and was paying all of her bills. She used to dance and that’s how she met Kirk, but as skinny as that body is, she couldn’t have danced. She showed her text messages and a video of Kirk holding the baby, but Kirk doesn’t know her like that.

Messy a$$ Karlie takes that information straight to Rasheeda who was hesitant about meeting with Karlie because of all the mess she be in. She ends up meeting with her and Karlie reveals everything that girl told her. What Rasheeda doesn’t get as well as myself, why did Karlie go meet with this girl? This isn’t her business or her situation but that’s what messy people do. I can see Rasheeda’s mind is going, she’s not sure who to believe, she goes home and cooks dinner for Kirk who has no idea that Karlie just spilled all of the tea.