LHHA: Rasheeda Allegedly Files For Divorce!!

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Rasheeda and Kirk’s marriage has been tested and tested on this season of the hit reality show. Now, that his cheating ways has been exposed and verified, the question for the fans and the viewers, did Rasheeda file for divorce from Kirk?

Allegedly, several sources are claiming that Rasheeda has filed for divorce, but nothing has been confirmed or verified, so far, these are just rumors.

Last month the couple seemed to be happy, they were together as if nothing happened between the two that could either ruin their marriage or keep their marriage together. Rasheeda has heard rumors in the street about her husband’s cheating ways but to hear that one rumor that has a baby involved, may be too hard for her to just accept,as any woman, its one thing to cheat but its another to get a woman pregnant while still married.

But sources close to the couple claim, they are happy one minute but ready to cut each other’s throats the next minute, they are so up and down with Rasheeda being the person who is extremely upset with her husband, she goes in and out trying to forget about what has happened. They made vows together, laying down with a stripper is one thing but to question whether or not he’s the father is another thing.

Kirk and Rasheeda are in Jamaica filming for the show, its a couples trip the group is on and according to reliable sources, those potent Jamaician drinks were flowing, while they partied together, having a ball where Kirk made it back to his wife’s bed. Before this trip, Rasheeda put Kirk out, so him being able to worm his way back into her bed was a good thing for him, or so he thought.

Reliable sources close to Rasheeda and Kirk claim they got into another fight on their way home from Jamaica, Rasheeda is pissed as f$ck at Kirk all over again. When they were partying and having fun in Jamaica, things were good and all their problems were out of sight and out of mind. Coming home to Atlanta brought it all back where Rasheeda has allegedly filed for divorce.

Reliable sources claims that Rasheeda blames the producers of the show for ruining their marriage. Plus, Kirk had to take a DNA test to verify or confirm whether he is the father of little Kannon. That’s a lot of stress that Rasheeda has to deal with but being on a reality show, you sign up for every aspect of your life and if that means exposing the good or the bad, this what they signed up for. You don’t get to pick and choose which story line fits you better, if this is reality, it has to be real. What I see in Rasheeda is realness, a boss chick, a phenomenal mother and an even better wife, this is her decision to make and only hers.

I don’t believe that Kirk will ever change, once a cheater, always a cheater and that’s what I see in Kirk. However, they are still married, their children are growing and it isn’t fair that they have been exposed to their issues. It’s a waiting game, is Kirk the father?

Did Rasheeda really file for divorce or is she waiting for the paternity test to make a decision? I don’t want Kirk to be the father, if he isn’t, maybe they have a chance, but if he is the father, she needs to walk away quickly.