LHHA Premiere!!

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta returned with more than just a whole lot of drama, this is how they suck you in, get you addicted. Karlie Redd and Yung Joc have semi sort of linked back up but why didn’t her old a$$ repair that whack a$$ permed hair, he looks a mess but all she cares about is how much money she can get from his crazy a$$. Stevie J and Joseline pretends as if Joseline’s baby is not his and Kirk Frost’s alleged side chick is revealed and appearing on the show, that’s a major problem for me and it ain’t my situation which I don’t believe is true.

Since Joseline has been pregnant, Stevie hasn’t been there for her the pregnancy, she had Stevie served with court papers, but Stevie isn’t the only person she got in trouble with the police, Tommie has to go talk to the police because of Joseline. Stevie claims Joseline has been running around town with other men, how does he know that’s his baby? That’s why she had him served?

Joseline has a masquerade party 6 months pregnant and her date was rapper Young Dro who Stevie claims is her child’s father. Joseline claims Dro is just a good friend and they have only being good music which they shared at the masquerade party.

Mimi, Ariane, Rasheeda, and Tammy enjoy a girls night out as they catch up on each other’s lives. Newcomer Melissa Scott, who owns a bar and is one of the biggest LGBTQ promoters in Atlanta was in attendance and this Melissa is cool with Joseline and Mimi. But what is really going between Mimi and Melissa?

Mimi says she’s still loves women, the “timing was never right” for a relationship with Melissa, yeah I think the timing came and went with these two. Her friendship with Joseline shouldn’t affect their friendship but I don’t think this Melissa knows all of Joseline but she will.

Rasheeda talks about how Kirk has issues with the way she is handling her career and being a mom, but that’s not their marital issue, the fake girl Jasmine who says she has a baby by Kirk.

During Joseline’s masquerade party, Karlie decided to be nosey and spy on Joc she discovers something much worse. She notices him talking to a woman by the bar Jasmine Washington, the alleged side chick of Kirk’s. She began throwing questions at Jasmine to find out more about her. When Karlie asks Jasmine how she had a baby recently while her man was away, Jasmine responds by saying it’s Kirk’s baby. That sh$t was so fake, who do they really think believes that whack a$$ lie?

Jasmine tries to play it off, claiming, “I know he hasn’t told his wife and his baby.” Joc hits Kirk up immediatley, he appears at the party and when Karlie reveals what Jasmine said, he looks dumber than a rock with that ball in his throat pretending as if he doesn’t know her.

Kirk goes and tells Rasheeda it’s all lies, so she can hear it from him, but he looks so suspicious that she doesn’t believe his story. He claims he’s only known Jasmine from a “strip club,” and we know Rasheeda is going to get to the bottom of this bull sh$t.

Last but not least, Tommie is trying to change her life for the better. Her man Scrapp Deleon went to jail, she lost friends and maybe drank “too much” last season. She wants to live up to her full potential, but things are not going very well. When Stevie meets up with Tommie, she tells him Joseline got a restraining order on her. Stevie tries to defend Tommie by going to the precinct, but she was cuffed. Police allegedly had a video of her threatening to hurt Joseline. Tommie’s been down this road before, but she’s planning to bail out, and she’s going to try to act like a lady.