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LHHA-Mimi Files Restraining Order Against Joseline



Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and the beef is on between Mimi Faust and Joseline Hernandez. I wonder if they ever think, when they get involved with women or men, if those actions would come back to haunt them? We know these two like women, sometimes they like men and they have been intimate with each other once of twice or maybe even several times, they are what I call tri-sexuals, but its not just about them, they have children and it should have always been about the kids.

It appears they only care about themselves, Mimi only cares about herself and the money she made off of her sex tape, Joseline doesn’t care who she hurts, she doesn’t care who she is sleeping with, she doesn’t care that she caused Stevie J a whole lot of drama when she accused him of being a child molester when those accusations weren’t true but then she wants him to be there as a father to there child but accuses him of molesting his own children. Stevie is between both ladies, he loves all of his children but his actions are why these two bobblehead’s aren’t getting along. He played the two against each other for so long and with Joseline giving birth to Bonnie Bella, Mimi doesn’t trust her around her daughter Eva and I can’t blame her for that, I wouldn’t either, that’s a tough decision but they have to remember they knew exactly what they were getting into when they both got involved with Stevie and the repercussions that could affect all of those involved.

MiMi filed a temporary restraining order in Fulton County Court last week against Joseline, she asked the judge to keep Joseline away from her and Stevie’s seven year old daughter Eva at least 200 yards at all times.

In her filings, Mimi claims that Joseline used social media as a way to accuse Stevie of sexually molesting his own children where CPS had to get involved, she also alleges that Joseline is violent and uses illegal drugs, but so does Stevie allegedly and maybe she does too. Joseline has attacked Mimi several times physically and allegedly threatened violence against her multiple times, she doesn’t trust her erratic behavior.

Mimi explained her decision, ” I’m not angry. I’m not jealous. People think this is a f***king joke. This is for real. This is my real life. I don’t give a f*** about the show or what was said on it. There are things I can’t even speak about on the show.”

“If he’s not going to protect my daughter, I will,” Mimi said. “If the shoe were in his foot, he’d do exactly what I’m doing. I don’t understand why he thinks this is okay. This is not okay with me in any respect.”

I definitely understand where Mimi is coming from when it comes to Joseline, the only people who will be hurt and affected by her actions are the children. Eva and Bonnie Bella are the innocent victims who are paying for what their parents have caused. I don’t believe that Mimi is angry or jealous of Stevie or Joseline, I believe she has a right to feel how she feels and she has the right to protect her daughter at any cost, her filing the restraining order, gives her somewhat of a piece of mind and if you have never been in her shoes, you can’t judge her decision.

I’m pretty sure that Stevie hates Mimi’s decision but he was on the other side of Joseline’s wrath when she accused him of sexually molesting his children, how he doesn’t pay his child support and how he doesn’t have any money and how he’s addicted to drugs. Joseline went through 9 months of being pregnant without Stevie being by her side, due to her accusations and her nastiness. Stevie didn’t believe that he was Bonnie Bella’s father, she had him served and he was forced to take a DNA test which came back that he was the father. He was so angry at Joseline that he filed for full custody, now he knew he wouldn’t get full custody but he was playing the same game she was playing only her game was worse.

Now they are all at a cross and I bet Joseline doesn’t believe her actions are a part of why Mimi feels the way she does and that Mimi needs to get over it. Just like Joseline claims that Stevie can never take Bonnie Bella for a weekend, that’s how Mimi feels and she really needs to stop faking the fake!! She pissing me off acting as if she has nothing to do with why Mimi feels the way she does.

What’s next for these three?? We’ll just have to wait and see!!

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta returns on March 19, 2018 8 pm on VH-1. Since “The Puerto Rican Princess,” is gone, will this franchise of the hit reality show continue to get those high ratings or will those ratings decline or increase by bringing in Erica Mena from Love and Hip Hop New York? Erica, has a lot of personality, she speaks her mind and will jump a b$tch, how long will she last in Atlanta? Who will Erica vibe with? Karlie, Mimi, Jessica, Estelita, Tammy or Rasheeda?

Well, I guess we will have to wait and see, now remember Erica walked away from the hit reality show a few years back when she was engaged to rapper Bow Wow, the engagement ended suddenly after she had relocated herself and her son to Atlanta to live with Bow. Things happen, we have no idea why the two broke up or ended their relationship but Bow did he say recently, he believed that Erica was the one who got away, maybe they’ll get back together who knows, she’s in the right city. He just happens to live in the ATL, who are they kidding, knowing good and damn well Bow will make a couple of appearances on the show.

Last season was probably their best season and that’s only because of Kirk and Rasheeda’s story line that kept everyone wanting more. The fans and the viewers saw them as “the perfect couple with the perfect marriage,” but their aren’t any perfect marriages. Last season it was revealed that Kirk allegedly had a baby with a stripper named Jasmine Washington out of wedlock and she stepped up and spilled all the tea, the cold tea, hot tea and burnt tea.

Allegedly, the paternity test results are supposed to be revealed this season but the producers strung us all last season waiting to hear those paternity results after Kirk ducked and dodged allegedly the process server and the results were never revealed. Kirk must have negotiated a huge pay day for those tests to finally be revealed, quit playing. I just don’t believe them as a couple anymore and this bull sh$t a$$ Kirk ugly a$$ Frost is the reason allegedly behind all of the lies. But if she wants to follow her husband with an alleged story line, so be it, the producers are allowing this crap and in a second, there won’t be any reality shows.

Stevie J is looking to manage artist Just Brittany and other female emcee’s but that’s what Stevie does. He is definitely a charmer and Just Brittany is a huge flirt, hmmmmm wonder what happened with her working with Rick Ross after their show ended? Rozay was digging Just Brittany and the whole world saw that, HELL, Just Brittany played her role but was it big enoigh? Did she give up the vajayjay too fast and she got played and now she’s trying to get her teeth on Stevie? Yesssss, inquiring minds want to know.

Estelita Tweets:

“Today Feb 13th was the day I left Panama 🇵🇦 to move to the U.S. I arrived to Clarksville, TN w/ a short mini-dress while it was snowing🤦🏻‍♀️😂 Fastforward to today, many many years later… I would’ve never thought to be shooting the art-work cover for my first single “Patrona” I know I’m making my mother very very proud👼🏻☺️ #DreamsDoComeTrue #StayTuned #Patrona #DZ”

Mimi’s lame a$$ is returning, Jessica Dime is moving forward as she plans her wedding with fiancé Shawne Williams. A destination wedding is her dream wedding but with Shawne focusing more on his NBA career, this future basketball wife is hoping their family is their number one priority.

Tommie is back, I pray she has changed but it looks like drama is not too far away from her, her past may bite her in that big country a$$. Scrapp DeLeon is scheduled for an early release, glad to hear that, he was charged unfairly, I pray he gets released soon. But when their is Scrapp, their is KK and she is back in the picture. Tommie and KK were the best of friends especially when she was dating Scrapp, since he is incarcerated and she learned that h$e a$$ Karlie Redd f$cked Scrapp, she’s just been dealing with a lot of issues especially with her mom. When Tommie and KK got into it, the drama continued, allegedly KK is close with a former friend of Tommie’s and you know how she feels about loyalty. KK needs a check too, the more drama you create, the more your check will be and she needs those coins.

Karlie, Karlie, Karlie, this old b$tch will have her a man, no matter what. Benzino didn’t work out, Lyfe didn’t work out, Joc didn’t work out, Ceaser definitely didn’t work out, so now allegedly Karlie has moved her old a$$ wrinkled cakes on to writer/producer Sean Garret. Has he seen the show? Does he know who Karlie really is and is he really dating her?

Who are the newbies? Artist Tokyo Vanity has a whole mafia behind her and Rapper BK Brasco is from one of the thoroughest boroughs in New York, yes he’s a Brooklyn man. Along with music industry executive newbie Keely Hill.

This season should be interesting? Where is Tammy and Waka? Bambi and Scrappy? Guess, we’ll have too wait. Check out the teaser below:

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LHHNY Safaree Closing In On Juju



Love and Hip Hop Hop New York Safaree invites Juju out on a sexy pottery date, knowing that pottery can get you in that sensual and sexy mood for making love.

Safaree is definitely trying his best to charm Juju and I must say, he’s working his charm on the beauty. Juju seems so reserved and classy, she did date Cam’Ron for a number of years, if she can make a relationship work with him, I know she can make it work with Safaree.

Safaree really thought outside of the box when thinking about a creative date for Juju, he actually surprised her with some hand craft pottery. Juju was a little concerned about things getting messy between the two, but thankfully they didn’t and by the end of the night, they talked, laughed and flirted as they got to know each other a little better. I’m glad to see Juju smiling and dating Safaree even if its starts as friends.

Throughout the date, Safaree started to talk business, he brought up Yandy and how she was trying to control his song and his collaboration when she had nothing to do with his music. Juju advised him to just talk to Yandy and she would understand but I definitely don’t agree with that. Yandy is going to make Safaree’s song her idea, the concept, the island and the collaboration, he better get a contract for Yandy, she is no dummy. Safaree is done talking about Yandy when he has love on the brain.

The two love birds certainly seemed to be making a genuine love connection and its cute as HELL!! His relationship with Dream Doll didn’t work out, she was demanding too much from him and then telling him who he could work with. She really lost him, Safaree is already established, Dream Doll isn’t, she needed to play her cards right but she so big and bad that she lost him and a few new friends as well.

By the end of their date, Safaree couldn’t help but blush when he told Juju how he really felt about her with a sweet smile. Juju is like putty in his hands.

When the pottery teacher said to get their hands wet, Safaree could hardly contain himself. In the words of Juju, “Get your mind out of the gutter.”

What will Cam’Ron think about Safaree and his ex girlfriend Juju dating? What about Dream Doll? Will she continue to go ballistic on Safaree or Juju? I have a feeling that Juju can handle her own and if Cam’Ron was doing what he was supposed to be doing at home, they wouldn’t have ended their relationship. Juju is happy, she’s smiling and she seems to be enjoying spending time with Safaree.

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