LHHA KK Goes in on Tommie

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has taken a drastic turn for the worse between Tommie and KK. Now, KK and Tommie were supposed to be BFF’s, Tommie was dating her son Scrap and now these two are beefing which is hard to believe.

The relationship with KK and Tommie has seems to have gone from bad to worse, I never thought KK and Tommie would ever end their relationships but apparently the two are feuding. KK took to Instagram Live to go blasts her ex-BFF Tommie for an hour. She really exposes Tommie’s past and from we what we understand, KK hits below the belt because Tommie went off om her on social media.

KK says that Tommie was her employer, now that she on Love and Hip Hop, she believes the execs are blowing her head up because they have no plans in getting rid of her.

KK took to her Snapachat to hit Tommie below the belt, but it was in response to Tommie rants on Snapchat about her ex BFF. In the videos, KK says, “The motherf–kers are slander. You and your mother, like you got a problem but [they’ll] sit there and drink with you. Your choice is Hennessy, our choice is wine. B—h– can smoke motherf–king two packs of Newports a day. Don’t nobody say s–t about that.

Tommie responds to KK and says, “At the end of the day, I always looked at her like an auntie. I don’t even call her KK. I call her auntie, n—a. That’s how I always looked at her and for you to come at me like this? I’m watching you be fake! I’m tired of being silent and giving this ho passes, man, nobody gives me no motherf–king pass. B—h, own up to your s–t, man. You fake as f–k. Everything you say about me in that motherf–king TV is fake. I call her auntie. That’s how I always looked at her and for you to come at me like this? I’m watching you be fake!”

Its sad their relationship had to end on some petty bull sh$t, I’m still confused as to why Tommie started this beef with KK. Now KK is saying that Tommie wasn’t her BFF, she was her employee and now that Tommie is on Love and Hip Hop, she feels the fame has gotten to her head and she can’t see how the execs are rallying around Tommie. She feels that VH1 has blown Tommie’s head up and that is a problem along with her alcohol.