LHHA Kirk & Rasheeda Lied!! No Side Chick!!

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Kirk Frost came under fire last month when rumors spread that he may have gotten his side chick pregnant who allegedly had a son with woman named Jasmine.

Now, word on the street, Kirk may not have gotten this woman pregnant, she has a long time boyfriend who reliable sources are saying is the father of the little boy. The alleged side chick supposedly filed child support on Kirk for their alleged baby boy but that may not be fact as well. Jasmine posted pics of the paperwork from child support last month on her Instagram as well as breaking down their alleged relationship.

Allegedly, several reliable sources are claiming that Kirk and Rasheeda were informed last season that the they had to come up with a story line for this season or they would be cut from the show. Rasheeda and Kirk have been down this road before, they are today’s hip hop couple who have been married for years. Together they have two sons but from what we are hearing, they had to come up with something dramatic to keep the fans/viewers interest on the show.

As a fan and a viewer, I like Rasheeda and Kirk together as a married couple, they definitely show the world that just because they are in an industry where cheating seems acceptable, they haven’t fallen into that category. A few seasons ago they had to come up with a story line, they did and with that story line Kirk purchased an apartment behind Rasheeda’s back, forged her signature and signed a new r&b singer Ashley to his label who portrayed herself as maybe his side chick. However, that wasn’t the case, it made their story line real interesting until we found out that Ashley was gay.

So, I guess the two came up with the side chick Jasmine and maybe the producers of the show wanted to see proof and wanted to see how the fans and the viewers would have reacted towards Kirk’s betrayal and we were hooked. Rasheeda is the sweetheart of the show, she seems to be the back bone in their marriage as well as her music and her store, the fans and the viewers are true ride or die Rasheeda fans.

Its sad that the producers expect this couple to go through a cheating scandal in order to keep their jobs. If anything, you would think they would want to support them as a couple with all they have endured. But, the show and ratings are more important than reality. These are supposed to be reality shows, the reason we watch and to go in a write a script for better ratings means its not a reality show anymore.

If these rumors are true and Kirk really does have this baby with his alleged side chick that would be really jacked up but if they concocted this story to keep their positions on the show, that would be really jacked up too. Why would this Jasmine girl put herself in that position? For the money? All money ain’t good money and these fans would really believe she interfered with their marriage and come after her.

I guess we will have to wait and see but it looks like the Frost’s have lied to keep their job and that’s just sad. These reality shows are watered down and in a minute, the fans and the viewers won’t be watching.