LHHA–Kirk Hiding From Process Server!!

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Kirk Frost is acting real dumb, if he really loves Rasheeda he would take the paternity test for a baby he claims isn’t his. He is running away from the problem and that is not a good look for him. All this running and not dealing with the situation is just proving he is the father.

Kirk wants Jasmine out of his life and his way of getting rid of her is by pretending she doesn’t exist but she does. There are so many rumors floating around that Kirk may not be the child’s father, Jasmine is known for scamming people and word on the street, she and her boyfriend Rod another scammer decided to set Kirk up and take all of his money. That should be reason enough for him to take the paternity test and get all this sh$t behind him so that he can save his marriage.

Jasmine claims she has been trying to prove that Kirk is her child’s father but she claims to be having issues having him served to take a paternity test.

If she’s going through all of that trouble to have him served, HELL, he may be the father and he just doesn’t want to deal with it, he already has five children and if baby Kannon is his, this will make six children and that’s a damn shame.

Allegedly a process server Jasmine hired to serve Kirk is having a problem with even finding him. We are aware that Rasheeda kicked him out the house, where he is, we have no idea and neither does the process server. The process server says that she has tried to serve Kirk close to a dozen times since January, but hasn’t been able to find him. Kirk would rather go with Twitter’s opinion that Joc is the father, which may be a possibility but he needs to worry about him and not Joc.

If Kirk ever gets served and takes this paternity test and it indicates that he is the father, he will be required to pay child support and that is something he doesn’t want to do but if he wants his family back together, he will take that test.

If Kirk’s dumb a$$ hadn’t slept with a stripper and didn’t use a condom, she couldn’t accuse him of being the father. I’m not sure if Rasheeda knows that he was creeping with another stripper Keanna from the same strip club Jasmine dances but she needs to know. He needs to tell her about Keanna before she hears it on the street and I think that would push Kirk out of her life for good.

Rasheeda has allegedly filed for divorce but she really doesn’t want her family to break up, that’s why its important for her to know if her husband is the father. Rasheeda is a better woman than me, she can forgive him for sleeping with a stripper and contemplating on whether she should go through with the divorce, there would be no contemplating, he would be axed from my life. There would be no question in my mind, baby or no baby, he f$cked a stripper without a condom and came home and laid next to her. That’s foul and extremely disrespectful. Kirk needs to pull up his big draws and own his sh$t, take the damn paternity test and quit acting like a coward.