LHHA–Jasmine’s DNA Suit W/Kirk At Standstill!!

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Kirk and Rasheeda Frost are going through another situation with a woman and this time it allegedly involves a woman by the name of Jasmine Washington. I for one have a hard time believing Kirk fathered a baby with this young lady, rumors were surfacing that Kirk and Rasheeda had to come up with a story line or they were going to lose their position on the show. I would hate to learn that Rasheeda was apart of some bull sh$t just to keep her job, she doesn’t strike me as the type of person who would do that but, Mimi didn’t strike me as a person who willingly did a sex tape for money, so anything is possible.

Every season, it has been a new situation with the Frost’s, it seems to me this story line was needed for the two to keep their jobs. This is my opinion, I’m not asking anyone for there’s, its seems pretty suspicious this information came out right before the new season aired.

Last week was the premiere of the hit reality show, fans and viewers witnessed this girl Jasmine tell Karlie Redd, a woman she doesn’t know that Kirk Frost is her child’s father. When she disclosed this information to Karlie, I knew right then, they were all full of sh$t. How can Jasmine be on the show without Rasheeda knowing? That’s the confusing part of this dumb a$$ story line.

However, I digress, Jasmine filed a paternity suit in January 2017 against Kirk, the case is now at a standstill. This is the dumbest sh$t I have ever heard, she can’t serve him so her case is placed on hold. She was in a scene with him on their reality show, who in the f$ck are they trying to fool? Jasmine claims Kirk put her up in an apartment, paid her bills and told her not to work, she was his kept woman for a couple of years until his wife learned of his alleged son with her. How can Kirk tell a grown a$$ woman not to work when she was allegedly living with a man who was just released from prison? She wasn’t the right girl to choose for this story line, she can’t even act right.

Since Kirk can’t be served, the case is on hold, she is the only woman I know who is on a reality show with her alleged baby daddy and she can’t serve him, this crap is unbelievable.