LHHA–Jasmine Says Kirk Is Leaving Rasheeda!!

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is juicy this season, although I hate to see Rasheeda going through this personal pain but for some reason, I am having a hard time believing that Kirk would cheat on his wife with a stripper and get her pregnant. The story line seems a bit made up knowing the new season of Love and Hip Hop was premiering.

Jasmine Washington, who is the side chick and baby mama of Kirk Frost, supposedly, she claimed that he fathered her child while cheating on his wife Rasheeda. That is the part that really gets me, she knew that Kirk was married and she obviously didn’t care, she had sex with him and no condom? He is a dumb a$$ for real, he allowed a stripper to f$ck him in the raw and now a baby is born? She seems to think that Kirk is leaving his wife for her, I’m not sure about that. This is a bad situation and I don’t think Kirk has a leg to stand on when it comes to Rasheeda. She is tired of Kirk and his games but they do have children together as well as a business, not so easy to just let go.

Things got heated during the premiere episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta‘s sixth season on March 6. Unfortunately, “Kirk will never stop these games but he’s also never going to leave Rasheeda,” a reliable source close to the couple reports.

“Jasmine has been going around saying that Kirk is gonna leave his wife for her but that’s never going to happen. He tells these side chicks what they want to hear but that’s all it is, sweet talking. Jasmine should know he is never going to leave his wife for her or any of them. The only way a divorce will happen between Kirk and Rasheeda is if she demands one and it doesn’t seem like there’s anything he can do to her to make that happen,” another reliable source adds. “She would rather look the other way and live with him cheating than give up on their marriage.”

Jasmine continues to claim that Kirk stepped out on his marriage and is the father of her child, but he is sticking to his side of the story. He assured his wife Rasheeda it was all lies and she doesn’t believe him, he has been in too many situations like this to not believe this girl but a DNA test will take care of everything.

Rasheeda and Kirk have been married since 2009, they have a lot of history together, making it even harder for fans to process that he could possibly cheat on her. They also have two sons, Ky and Karter. During the premiere episode, Jasmine stated that Kirk even visited her in the hospital when their baby boy was born. She is reportedly raising their young son with Rodney Bullock, who was said to be her “ex” and who has ties with Mimi Faust. He just so happens to be her ex-man and she claims he is a fraud and if he is involved, its a money thing.

Jasmine is also telling anyone who will listen that Kirk has another baby mama and another child that he’s supporting. And, if she doesn’t get the money she needs from Kirk, she’ll expose his secret. She’s an out cold b$tch for real and this is who he allegedly cheated on his wife with? He needs to watch out for her, its not looking too good for Kirk. Several reliable sources claim that Rasheeda will most likely stick by Kirk’s side throughout the alleged scandal for the sake of keeping her family together. She can do bad by herself, if these rumors are true, he has humiliated her and we know it would be hard to get through, but she has so many die hard fans and people in her corner, that she won’t have to go through this alone.

Joseline Hernandez, previously said that Kirk had an alleged romance with a side chick who was not his wife, long before the show aired. She claimed that Kirk had a baby with a “stripper,” when she appeared on The Real in Jan. 2017. During the first episode Kirk told Rasheeda he only knew of Jasmine from a “strip club.”