Last Squad Standing Finale!!

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Last Squad Standing Finale aired and the winner was announced at the end of the episode. One last twist leaves the finalists with a big decision that could change their friendships forever.

Ivy goes to Charmaine to ask if her and Mike can use their common space for one last night before the competition is over. She soon realizes that with Charmaine, one question can turn into a conversation. Mike had no business being with Ivy, he represented Detroit and Ivy was about the money and her team winning. She was going to knock Mike right off his square and she accomplished just that.

Starrz and Charmaine talk alone about where their relationship will go after the competition is over. Charmaine feels like she can’t trust Starrz, and Starrz feels like Charmaine is a little high maintenance. They don’t even seem like a real couple or if they are able to be a real couple.

Nikia tries to get Mike to stay in the Detroit room the night before the last competition. He can’t afford to get distracted by Ivy, but Mike has plans of his own and that is why he lost. Mike wanted p$ssy more than he wanted that money, ain’t no way a person could knock me off my square when it comes to money.

Jay fat a$$ decides to get drunk the night before the last competition, and his teammates were totally embarrassed. Gia is full of regrets as she realizes letting Jay stay in the game this long might cost them the game. He showed his a$$ on the last night, maybe because he was nervous and represented his team, I’m not sure but he couldn’t complete the challenge. He stopped several times, he said he couldn’t breathe, had he not been drinking and maybe if had been working out, he may have won, but he didn’t. His team was disappointed but what could they do?

After all the eliminated competitors return to the house, Nastashia speaks her peace about leaving in the first place. While she left for her own sake, she still has her squad in her heart.

Davrielle is the champion of Last Squad Standing, bringing home the prize for The Empire. Despite being up for elimination multiple times, and being the underdog throughout the season, she pulls through for the final victory.

Yes, she did that all by herself and she beat Mike who is a fine a$$ chocolate brother who played football. I’m pretty sure everyone thought he would win because I did. However, he allowed Ivy to manipulate him and I’m sure not winning against a woman hurt his ego.

You go Dav, every woman in America is so proud of you. She definitely deserved the win and she shared her $100,000 with her entire team instead of keeping it all for herself.