Lala Anthony “Goal Diggers” Bernice Burgos!!

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The beautiful and talented Lala Anthony and NBA’s Carmelo Anthony are allegedly headed for divorce. Word on the street, Mr. Superstar has allegedly been creeping on the low low with side chick, side piece, mistress, THOT, Hoe and whatever else she claims to be, Asia Monroe.

The talented LaLa will not let one monkey stop her show, she has to move forward in her life. Now their are rumbles and rumors about a drama series Executive Produced by Mrs. Lala Anthony, however it appears that Mrs. Anthony has added Bernice Burgos, who is rumored to be rapper TI’s Side chick. Lala loves her coins and she loves her job and I’m pretty sure Bernice feels the same way.

Lala and Timbaland are working together as they build this reality series “Goal Diggers,” which follows former video vixens, strippers and Instagram models as they attempt to change their lives and the trials and tribulations they have all been through, their online fame is what some would call a businesses, but i can’t see the term Instagram Model mean what they claim it means. But, this sounds like an interesting reality show.

Both La La Anthony and Bernice Burgos have been in the headlines recently for reasons they’d probably rather keep private, it’s an interesting coincidence that the two have been reportedly working together on a reality show. La La’s executive producing Goal Diggers, and Bernice is one of the THOTS who will be in the series. This week, Carmelo’s estranged wife was on and about at Sapphire Strip Club in New York for filming for her show and it appears that maybe she and Bernice seem to get along well.

The two have been spending a lot of time together because of the show and knowing LaLa she takes her job seriously and maybe getting close to Bernice will help her with her role.

I’d stake my life on the fact that Bernice will use her alleged relationship with TI to bring that drama, with drama are huge ratings and a huge paycheck for her.

I find it puzzling that Lala has hired Bernice who has allegedly destroyed a power couple’s marriage and she is going through the same the thing, the only difference, Lala is the wife and Bernice is the side chick. It just seems weird, another woman is accused of breaking up her marriage and she is now working with a woman who again allegedly broke up TI and Tiny.

Carmelo has been accused of having several side chicks since they have been married, but I believe the straw that broke the camels back was rumors that he may have gotten that HOE pregnant. You can forgive your husband for his infidelities but for him to allegedly impregnate his side chick is a slap in Lala’s face. I’m having a hard time understand why she would give Bernice a platform, will she give Melo’s alleged side chick a platform to join her show?