Lady Luck & Somaya Reece Engaged!!

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Lady Luck and Somaya both appeared on “First Family Of Hip Hop,” which aired on Bravo. “First Family Of Hip Hop,” follows the family of Executive Sylvia Robinson as the younger generation try and bring Sugar Hill back to the limelight.

The season one finale has wrapped and two of its breakout reality stars and power couple Somaya Reece and Lady Luck announced their engagement. Lady Luck seems really happy and infatuated with Somaya Reece, how long their relationship will last we don’t know, but we wish them the best. Watching them together on First Family Of Hip Hop was actually very cute, they didn’t rub their relationship in your face but you could tell they were in a relationship and totally about each other.

Lady Luck may be taking it slow to their walk down the aisle, but she has wanted to make Somaya her one and only. Its funny when Somaya was introduced to the world, she began her career on Love and Hip Hop New York and she was being signed by Jim Jones. However, once Chrissy got a look at Somaya, she shut that deal done immediately believing that Somaya wanted Jim. I’m wondering what Chrissy thinks now? Somaya was gay then just as she is gay now, it was never about her getting with Jim Jones and we could all see that.

Lady Luck admits to having a crush on Somaya for the longest and now the two are going to make it official. Last summer Somaya appeared in the hit reality show, “Famously Single.” She was single at the time of taping but then she and Lady Luck got involved and it was on and popping. Somaya and Jessica White who was also on the show, had a moment together in the tub. Somaya wasn’t shy about her infatuation towards Jessica and one night the two got it on. Now, Jessica was supposed to be strictly d$ckly but played with Somaya, she wasn’t too much into her but she tried it and didn’t like it. Somaya has moved on and now she is with the woman she loves.

Somaya and Lady Luck spoke about being a gay couple in the hip hop community. Lady Luck addressed how she became more comfortable with being open about her sexuality and how the hip hop community doesn’t always embrace homosexuality with open arms. People would be surprised to learn that there are a lot of gay and lesbian relationships in the hip hop community.

“I had to wait for the world to catch up because I wasn’t outward with my sexuality but I’ve dressed the same forever,” she explained. “And people sort of knew. If you didn’t… well, [Somaya] didn’t know. I don’t know how. But back then, it wasn’t accepted. And it was harder for me to do my music because a lot of people they said I didn’t have an image. I was being me. I’ve never known how to be anything but me. And it’s just so incredible that the world has finally caught up.”

Congrats again to the happy couple and we wish them all the best!!