LA Hair Is Back!!

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LA Hair is back and Kim Kimble has replaced her old stylists with new one’s and I’m not sure this group can outshine her last stylists. Kim Kimble is known as one of the best hair stylists around, you may not know her, but you’ve seen her work. She styles Zendaya’s hair and even created looks for Beyoncé’s Lemonade album. She’s an OG and her show, L.A. Hair, a reality TV show that highlights drama within a hair salon in Los Angeles, is the best.

All of the stylists have big personalities and want to be Kimbalized. Season four was the highest-rated season of L.A. Hair to date, with more than 1 million total viewers on average per episode. But in the new season (which aired last night), Kimble decides to clean house and bring in a new staff to support her “Kim-pire,” as she says.

Watching L.A. Hair is like watching a dysfunctional family work together. It’s a complete mess. Every stylist has opinions about how the salon should run and so far season five doesn’t disappoint.

Every season presents a new opportunity to watch a celebrity receive a hair transformation. One of my favorites was in season two where Kim Kimble gave Kelly Rowland beach waves for her album cover. Kim promises a lot more celebrities,Mya, Anthony Anderson, Chrisette Michele, LisaRaye, and Toccara will be in her chair.

Jonathan Antin is back, why? He is a mess and he isn’t anyone I would want to work for. Gocha is back as well, she still has her salon in Atlanta but why is she back in LA trying to work with Kim again? When Kim finds out her sister Leah met with Gocha for lunch, she went absolutely ape sh$t on her. She felt betrayed by Leah. Trust me, this show is definitely worth watching.

In the new season, Kim remains determined to keep the salon fresh, so she decides to add new stylists, including viral sensation James Wright (aka the Patti pie guy) who hopes to live up to Kim’s high standards.I don’t know about you, but I’ll be sure to tune in this season and do exactly what Kimble says: “Watch the queen reign supreme!”