Kylie Wants NBA’s Tristan Thompson

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The Kardashian women and the Jenner girls have definitely taken a few pages out of their sisters book. Now, I thought Kylie was hooking up with Travis Scott after her break up with Tyga. We know she has a type and once you go black, you never go back and that seems to be Kylies modus operandi, she definitely takes after her sisters except for Kourtney.

Allegedly Kylie may be rebounding with a new boo but again I thought she was with Travis Scott but it appears that she may have crossed a line by allegedly trying to go after her sister Khloe’s ex boyfriend, Tristan Thompson! Not too long ago, Tristan claimed he broke up with Khloe to concentrate on the play offs but he allegedly went back to his sons mother Jordy Craig so how did Kylie slip her hoe a$$ way in? Why would she want to date someone her sister had? I truly believe they all love sharing the same damn sperm.

Allegedly, Kylie’s way of making it known that she is really into Tristan by digital flirtation. Allegedly, “She’s been texting him sexy selfies and flirting non-stop when Khloe’s back is turned,” and “Kylie gets a huge kick out of it and can’t help herself. She’s got it bad for Tristan and has told her friends that he’s way too hot for Khloe,” reliable sources close to Kylie are reporting.

“If he made a move on her, she’d totally go there,” per reliable sources. Kylie who is 19 years old, allegedly has a history of getting up, close and personal to her sisters’ boyfriends, including Kanye West and Scott Disick.

However, this time, Kylie’s love struck heart with the Cleveland Cavs may push her over to the dark side. Kylie seems as if she needs a man by her side to validate her, its as if she can’t make it without a man. Kylie does seem to fall in love with any man she meets, if these rumors are true, about trying to get at Tristan, she is down and dirty and that sh$t is out cold, to betray her sister that way is definitely out of order and being the leftover is sad.

“She’s got it bad for Tristan and has even told friends that he’s way too hot for Khloe,” says reliable sources. Apparently she doesn’t like being by herself, she needs to find herself and understand her self worth before trying to get in another relationship.

“If he made a move on her she’d totally go there,” claims another source, indicating the situation could explode rather quickly, especially since Khloe, and Tristan’s relationship is over and done with. How does Khloe feel about these rumors and what is Tristan doing and saying about his ex-girlfriend’s little sister?