Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott??

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When I say these Kardashian and Jenner girls love them some chocolate, once you go black, you never go back. Kylie apparently has a type as well, she loves rappers, just as her ex-boo thang Tyga has a type, pedophiles, he loves him some young girls. His newest boo Jordan who is allegedly 17 years old just happens to resembles Kylie a whole lot.

But the streets are talking and it appears that Kylie and Tyga are definitely over for good, I find that hard to believe but only time will tell. Tyga and Kylie have and on again off again relationship, so you really can’t believe the rumors. I do know that Kylie has a spin off show premiering this summer and for me it feels like a publicity stunt to boost ratings for her first reality show.

Tyga and Kylie started creeping on the low low before her 18th birthday knowing that he was with Blac Chyna and they had a son together. Not too mention Chyna and Kim were BFF’s at the time and she ruined a friendship for a grown a$$ man. Chyna was hurt and felt betrayed, Kim chose family over Chyna and that stung too but for her child’s father to be creeping with a teenager made things worse than ever.

Kylie and Tyga always seem to break up and then get back together, but now it appears they have moved on with new relationships. Last year they were at Coachella together and if was if the two were really in love kissing and sh$t in public but this year at Coachella they weren’t together but the two ended up running into each other with their new boo’s. Reliable sources close to the two says the two seemed surprised as they ran into each other but that was bound to happen one way or another.

Ironically they shared a hug which appeared fake and sources are saying that Kylie looked sad as she walked away. I don’t know if I believe that, she was with rapper Travis Scott, maybe she was just shocked and when they hugged it just felt a little a weird to her. She is still very young and wet behind the ears, she doesn’t know what she wants at this age.

Rumors have been spreading that Kylie is dating Travis Scott who was with her when they ran into Tyga and his new boo thang at Coachella. Kylie and Travis were at a private table, only the best for these two, both of them had friends joins them as they all enjoyed the music.

Not sure if this is a real relationship with Kylie and Travis but she is good at making Tyga real jealous but he may not care anymore because he’s has a young one now. She has gotten too old for him, time to break in another youngin!!