Kylie Jenner Gets A Spin Off!!

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“Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s,” Kylie Jenner gets her own spin off show entitled, “Life Of Kylie.” While I am not impressed nor do I really give a f$ck about a pampered teen who gets a show because her entire family is in the media and on the blogs. She can impress me with her brain, not who she’s related too.

Just as I do not watch “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” I will not watch a show about a teenager whose cozy life was handed to her. I don’t see Will Smith’s son or daughter with their own reality show and they have real talent. Nor, do I see Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’s children handed a reality show, again because they have real talent.

I’m sorry, I’m just not impressed by her and the more people make a deal out of her, the more popular she becomes.

Of course, her show will air on E and it will air eight episodes of the life of 19 year old Kylie, struggling as a celebrity, somewhat of a business woman, how can she be classified as a business woman when she hasn’t come up with anything on her own? This is my opinion, I am not asking the opinions of anyone else’s and I could care less how anyone feels.

They don’t put Toya’s daughter Reginae Carter on a platter like this and she has accomplished more in her life or Tiny’s daughter, Zonnique who is working hard in the music industry but they showcase Kylie Jenner? I’m confused, really confused, the powers that be suck!!

Kylie will be a target as she opens her home for the fans and the viewers, she is too young for this but her momager Kris Jenner has to keep those checks rolling in. “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” ratings are allegedly declining and hopefully the show will not renew their contract.

Kylie’s new show will premiere this summer and naturally her family will be in some episodes and some of Kylie’s friends. But will Tyga? She appeared in his reality show!!

Kylie’s plastic surgery has made her more than who she is, she isn’t this fashion icon, they seem to be giving her credit for being fake. For having a relationship with Tyga at an early age who was living with Blac Chyna and had a son with her, not too mention Kim K. and Blac Chyna were BFF’s until it was revealed that Kylie was creeping with Tyga on the low low. How can you congratulate someone like Kylie and hand her a reality show?

How can she be congratulated for basically for following in her older sister’s footsteps?? It just doesn’t make sense to me, but I digress, I will not be watching her show!!