Kris Jenner Cancels Rob & Chyna’s Show

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Momager Kris Jenner isn’t playing any games with Rob and Blac Chyna. With Kris, its always been about the coins for her, but it appears as if she doesn’t care about the coins she made as momager to Rob and Blac Chyna on their reality show. She only cares about “Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s, and she doesn’t want her son’s show to outshine her.

Allegedly, Kris has cancelled Rob and Chyna’s spin off reality show, word on the street, she is supposed to be punishing Rob but that makes absolutely no sense. Rob and Chyna can hire another manager, cut her out and move forward with their reality show. One monkey don’t stop a show and if these two have any sense, they wouldn’t allow her to manage them anyway. If they still want their show, let Kris go and hire another manager. That would kill her but if these rumors are true about her pulling the plug, its time to fire her.

Allegedly, Kris is controlling everything and she seems like the type of woman who would take control of all of her children and their reality shows. She’s the momager from HELL, maybe they aren’t paying her enough and we know how she loves her coins. A reliable source close to the family claims that she cares more about “Keeping Up With Kardasinans,” than Rob and Chyna’s show. The ratings are low on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” and I think Kris doesn’t want Rob or Chyna to continue with their show due to the failing ratings on her show. But, Rob and Chyna’s spin off made huge ratings and Kris doesn’t like that at all.

The couple hasn’t begun filming season two and what we are hearing from various sources, it’s all bull sh$t, Rob and Chyna’s show got huge ratings and that isn’t a good look for Kris. “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” should be over, they have been on tv long enough, allow others to make their coins just as she has especially when its your son. That’s some dirty underhanded sh$t that Kris is pulling. She wants to be on top, but the fans and the viewers are tired of watching their whack a$$ reality show.

Rob is now a father, why would his mother stop him from making money when he has a family to support? Is she going to support Rob and his family? I think not, just because her show is declining in the ratings, doesn’t mean she has to destroy her son’s money.