Kordell Stewart Threatens Porsha Williams!!

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Porsha Williams is feuding with her ex-husband, former NFL player Kordell Stewart over a sex tape of him that was leaked in December. Kordell is more than angry about this sex tape being leaked and he is blaming his ex-wife Porsha of leaking the tape.

Porsha denied having anything to do it but couldn’t being shading toward her ex-husband when the tape surfaced. Now Kordell says that Porsha better shut her mouth or he’s going to sue her. Kordell is just mad right now, tomorrow their will be another story coming out regarding a sex tape with new players.

According to the streets, Kordell threatened to take legal action against Porsha if she doesn’t stop trash talking him. The former Pittsburgh Steeler has long been plagued by rumors that he is secretly gay and Porsha has never been one to deny that they might be true. Porsha even took a few shots at her ex-husband after his sex tape came out, that wasn’t really a sex tape because there was no sex on it. He really has no reason to be pissed about the sex tape when there was no sex involved.

Apparently, Kordell went so far as to have his lawyers send a cease and desist letter to Porsha, demanding that she quit talking about him or else. He also requested that she get on Instagram and remove anything negatively that she said about him. I don’t think that is fair, they are divorced, he hurt her, she has a right to express her feelings and if he doesn’t like what she has posted on her social media accounts, then he should remove himself. He is being petty and acting like a punk.

The actual tape is said to be about Kordell’s behind. The actual quote was even more inflammatory and was meant to make light of the gay rumors that Kordell just can’t seem to shake no matter how many times he denies them. Porsha said she was not responsible for the video fo “Kordell ‘TOOTING’ his derrière to the camera for the world to see.”

Kordell Stewart gay rumors started years ago after a story broke that the NFL star was caught having sex with a “transvestite” in a public park in Pittsburgh. It turns out the story may not be true after all but that didn’t stop it from really causing Kordell a lot of stress and possibly interfering with his football career.

Apparently, Kordell has finally been vindicated after someone finally looked into whether or not the story was even true. According to a representative for the City of Pittsburgh, there is no record of Kordell having been arrested for anything while he was playing for the Steelers there. That doesn’t mean he was vindicated, people with money pay to cover up their indiscretions, so we still don’t know if he is a switch hitter.

Kordell and Porsha have been beefing with each other ever since the divorce. Porsha has been happy to insinuate that her ex-husband was hiding a gay secret for years since they split. Kordell filed for divorce from Porsha and she claims she didn’t even see it coming. She also made claims that Kordell left her and then took everything he could, leaving her penniless. Naturally, Kordell fired back about Porsha’s finances, claiming that her Real Housewives Of Atlanta checks were more than enough to pay her bills. He was still married to her, he had no business counting her coins and to use her reality star money as a means of support is jacked up. A real man would have gave her something and not just leave her without anything.

The couple didn’t have a prenup, Kordell was able to end his marriage to Porsha without alimony or even splitting half his assets. Porsha should have been able to get some of his money since there wasn’t a prenup. Who was her attorney? They sucked, a real attorney would have made sure she was at least comfortable. I’m surprised Kordell didn’t have her sign one, he seems like the type of man whose a$$ will squeak when it comes to his money.

Kordell claims that his recently leaked sex tape was a private video that he made for a woman that he was seeing at the time. Of course, no woman has stepped forward to claim she was the source. So how did Porsha leak a tape with him and someone else? It doesn’t make sense and Kordell’s two minute of fame is over. Good Day!!