Kirk Sits Down W/Kids to Explain Rumors!!

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, this season has too many fake story lines and fake people trying to get their 5 minutes of fame. Kirk finally has a sit down with his children Ky and Kelsie about his affair with Jasmine and about the baby she says is his.

Kirk admits to his children that one of the rumors are true and he cheated on his wife and now this woman is saying he is the father of a baby boy named Kannon. All of Kirk’s children names seem to begin with a K. Kelsie, who is Kirk’s daughter from a previous relationship, wanted to know if the baby was his, he says its a possibility and since they haven’t taken a paternity tests, he’s not sure.

Ky who is Rasheeda and Kirk’s son, who is also a little cutie, tells his father that he needs to fix it. If they were to get a divorce, he doesn’t want to visit his mother at one place and visit his father at another place. Ky is wise beyond his years, he just wants his parents back together and in the same household.

Kelsie asked her dad about the store, the music and several other businesses that he and Rasheeda have together, what will happen to the businesses they built together if he and Rasheeda divorce? They have solid business, that could fall apart if the two get divorced. Rasheeda is already F$CKED UP IN THE HEAD, how can he have sex with a stripper and come home too her? That some weak a$$ sh$t, if this baby is his, I can see her turning into the green eyed monster on his a$$, kicking him right in his balls. Why would he jeopardize his family for a stripper who knew that he was married with children and didn’t carw.

Kelsie and Ky gave him the best advice for being so young. Kirk claims that he loves his wife and he doesn’t want to lose her, but if he really loved her, this situation would have never occurred.

Kirk has that puppy dog look on his face as he explains infidelities to his children. Ironically, they weren’t surprised, maybe because this is not the first affair he has, rumors all around Atlanta says this isn’t his first affair. He could hurt his family if the DNA comes back that he is the father.

However, I don’t believe he’s the father, the chick Jasmine is allegedly a scammer and her pimp is trying to extort money from Kirk and Rasheeda on some get back revenge type sh$t. If another man is trying to extort money from another man, that’s some weak a$$ man.

Now that the rumors have spread, their children are involved and Kirk should be ashamed of himself for f$cking a stripper in the first place. He needs to get it together, be the man he is supposed be, his children will respect him for that. Sad, that he really had to sit his children down to explain his mistakes. HELL, Ky and Kelsie gave him the best advice, he needs to listen to his children and do whatever he needs to do to repair his marriage.