Kim Ditches Wedding Ring!!

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Allegedly Kim Kardashian ditched her wedding ring as her relationship with husband Kanye West hit rock bottom this past weekend. Allegedly, Kim ordered Kanye to stay away from her family’s traditional Christmas Eve event, several reliable sources close to the couple reveals. Her wedding finger was empty on Saturday night as she partied with her mom and sisters at their annual Christmas gathering in LA.

Again, these are rumors but when rumord begin, some truth to the rumors reveal itself in time. Kim doesn’t want Kanye anymore, he has embarrassed her, his rants, his attitude and his money is slowly dwindling, its best she makes a run for it now before Kanye is eligible for her money.

But knowing who Kanye is, did anyone think he would do what Kim told him to do? He defied Kim’s warning by making a late appearance at their family event. She was so angry with him, she is just tired and ready to be rid of him. She has her two kids by him and now she is ready to move on without Kanye. Reliable sources are reporting that their two-year marriage is over. Well, we’ll see how true that is, but this time, it may be really over.

It comes at the end of a nightmare 2016 for the couple which saw Kim, was robbed at gunpoint in Paris in October of 2016 and Kanye hospitalized a month later after a mental breakdown.

“She didn’t want Kanye at her mom’s Christmas bash this year, as she felt it was the first time she could really let her hair down. But he made a late show and spent the last hour just sitting on the couch talking to Scott Disick he was a total wallflower. Damn, that had to be hard for him, watching his wife have a ball while he goes through with his demons.

“He spent Christmas morning at Kris Jenner’s to make things as normal for the kids as possible, but it’s just a matter of timing.

Kanye has cancelled all tour dates after coming out of hospital at the end of November. He suffered a mental breakdown, with a cousin claiming he has “stopped trusting people”.

Lawrence Franklin claimed last week Kanye’s decline started after he paid $200,000 to a relative who was threatening to leak a sex tape of him. Kim and Kanye have also reportedly been in counselling while the rapper is receiving therapy.

Kim is said to be still angry after Kanye flew to New York for a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump within hours of leaving hospital.

A reliable source said: “It was the worst thing that he has ever done in her eyes. When she tried to get him to call it off and come home, he refused.”

I hate to see Kanye in this space, he is such a talented man but I really think those Kardashian women have some type of voo doo on these men. They won’t let go and they all seem knee deep in the Kardashian p$ssy, I’m sorry that’s what I see and that’s how I feel. KANYE WAKE THE F$CK UP!!