Keyshia Cole Getting Sued

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I have heard of some pretty deep lawsuits but this one takes the cake. R&B singer Keyshia Cole is allegedly being sued for more than $4 million dollars due to an alleged altercation with a woman she allegedly attacked when trying to visit her then boyfriend, Birdman.

The alleged victim is Sabrina Mercadel, who has accused the singer of assaulting her in September 2014 after finding her at Birdman’s home in Los Angeles. Why did it take three years for this woman to sue Keyshia? We aren’t sure, someone is in her ear advising her to get paid by Keyshia and that’s sad. If she was really hurt in 2014, that’s when she should have sued her not three years later if this attack even occurred. Now, we did hear about an altercation with Keyshia and some chick but the rumor ended as quickly as it got started.

The alleged victim was seeking $1.5 million for pain and suffering, however, according several reliable sources she listed her financial and physical damages in court papers, including $500,000 for emotional distress; $2 million for loss of use of body part; $200,000 for future medical expenses; $50,000 for loss of earnings and $300,000 for future loss of earnings.

The lawsuit states the incident occurred about 5am on September 19, 2014 when Keyshia Cole arrived at the home of boyfriend Birdman to find Sabrina there. She claimed she has a platonic relationship with Birdman but we can all read between the lines, she was probably creeping with him on the low and Keyshia caught them which caused her to go ballistic on this chick.

She also claims that she has known Birdman since childhood and has worked for him as his personal assistant, according to the lawsuit. Keyshia allegedly accused her of being in a loving relationship with Birdman, according to court documents, and asked her: ‘What are you doing with my man?’

Allegedly, Keyshia also believed that the alleged victim was a prostitute as she swiped her a$$ and said, “You can get your money later,” according to the lawsuit. I just don’t believe that, Keyshia hitting another woman on the a$$ and then telling her she can get her money later sounds like something this chick is trying to make up to make her case.

Allegedly, according this chick, Keyshia then threw the woman to the ground and started punching her in the face, according to court documents. So where was Birdman when all of this was going down?

Keyshia was arrested for investigation of misdemeanor battery, but prosecutors declined to file charges against her. In other words, there wasn’t enough evidence to go to trial, Keyshia will win this case. Karma is a b$tch, this chick going after the wrong one.

Keyshia Cole has a seven-year-old son Daniel Gibson Jr with estranged husband and former NBA player Daniel Gibson and we will see her return to reality television when she joins the cast of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.