Keyshia Cole & Frankie

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R&B artist Keyshia Cole has always had a jacked up relationship with her mother, Frankie. Frankie came into our lives when Keyshia had a reality show where we learned that Frankie is Keyshia’s biological mother but she was raised and adopted by the Coles who were actually great friends with Frankie.

Keyshia’s BET reality show, Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is, was actually the best reality show ever, they never tried to hide who they were and what they were about. Drug addictions, alcoholism, prostitution and many children without their fathers. Her drug addiction, outbursts, irrational behavior has impacted Keyshia’s life as well as her siblings.

Once Keyshia’s reality show came to an end, she took to Instagram in the beginning of 2016 to thank her aunt for helping her mother get her life together and she also revealed that she almost went broke admitting her mother in rehab a number of times. Keyshia wants to desperately help her mother stay off the drugs and the liquor. But Frankie has to really want to get herself together by admitting to herself that she has these addictions as well as getting herself into rehab before she dies due to the drugs. Frankie doesn’t seem to care, she seems to only care about getting that high and she’ll do anything to get those drugs.

Keyshia seems hurt, she went on Twitter and posted Tweets about her mother by giving her fans an update on Frankie. Regrettably, Keyshia says Frankie is back doing her thing, which is living in the streets and getting drugs the only way she knows how. Keysia also revealed how her mother hurt her recently about the carelessness she has for her own life.

Keyshia hit Twitter again:

‘Guess what u guys?I told my mother the other day I was afraid to lose her because she keeps going back to the streets. You kno what she said? In return?She said. “YOU’LL be I was like. Wtf is that suppose to mean. Smh. I will NOT be ok if something happens to her. AT ALL! Not amount of money could replace.’

Keyshia has tried her best to help her entire family especially her mother, my heart feels her pain but sometimes you have to allow people to hit rock bottom before they admit they have a drug and or alcohol problem. For the past few years, Keyshia tried her hardest to create a “normal” family life with herself, Frankie, and her siblings. But, her siblings want hand outs from Keyshia and when she doesn’t, they get mad at her. But did they forget she bought Neffe a house, she also bought her sister Elite house for her and Frankie but her siblings were still not satisfied. She took care of her entire family, the Coles never wanted anything from Keyshia but to continue being who she is, she felt as if she had to buy them things because they were her parents and she loved them like she was their biological daughter, Keyshia definitely loves Frankie but sometimes her irrational behavior takes over and it affects the entire family.

Frankie’s drug addiction is the problem, but there has to be something buried deep in her soul that indicates she’s dealing with some real demons inside her body. The drugs helps her to forget about her past and the things she did to get those drugs. Frankie has to make some changes, for herself and her health, she’s older now, its time to really adjust her life. When Keyshia learned that Frankie said some disrespectful tweets about her on twitter, she was deeply hurt. She usually never addresses any personal information about her family on social media just so it could possibly back fire on her family.

We love Frankie, she’s funny as heck and she loves to have fun but all of that can stop in a minute if she doesn’t take care of herself and enter rehab. One day she could be dead somewhere and Keyshia doesn’t want that and neither does her son and her siblings. She just wants Frankie to be in her life and be the best grandmother to her son as possible and to her other grand children. Praying for Keyshia and her family, this is a rough situation, but Frankie has to walk into rehab herself and get it together, she has already missed her kids growing up, now is the time for her to be the grandmother we know she can be.