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Kevin Hart & Montia Sabbag



The drama with Kevin Hart and the alleged sidepiece Montia Sabbag is far from over. It looks like someone went out of their way to catch the famous comedian and maybe this Montia Sabbage was key person for a set up.

Kevin Hart is so wrong on so many levels, cheating on his pregnant wife and this Montia Sabbag was just as wrong, she will get no sympathy from me. She knew the comedian was married and she f$cked him anyway, who cares what she says, she f$cked a married man. Kevin Hart owes her nothing and he owes the fans nothing, he betrayed his wife, he owes her.

She spoke out this past week at a press conference with celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom, either Lisa Bloom contacted her, or she contacted Lisa Bloom, its funny the woman who f$cked a married man has an attorney and that attorney just happens to be a profile attorney. I smell a set up, this is my opinion and I’m sticking to it. Naturally she denied the claims that tried to extort money from the comedian in exchange for a sex tape that supposedly shows Kevin and the chick getting it on.

So who recorded the video and how did they know where the comedian and the sidepiece would be? I mean inquiring minds want to know, its all out in the atmosphere now, just spills the beans.

Kevin Hart posted a video last week admitting to cheating on his wife about a month ago and now the sidepiece he cheated with allegedly wanted money from him. Instead of paying her, “allegedly,” he admitted to the scandalous affair, I call bull sh$t on Kevin, I like Kevin, he’s funny, he seems real down to earth but once a cheater always cheater, I believe he came clean before his wife would find out, he never has to pay her, if in fact she did try and extort money from him.

Montia confirmed that she had an “intimate relationship” with Kevin in Las Vegas last month when they were allegedly being recorded in a hotel without her or his knowledge.

Montia, “I was involved with Kevin Hart a month ago. Since then, my pictures and my name have been released with lies written about me.”

Her attorney Lisa Bloom says she was recorded without her consent, how? They were in a hotel room, somebody had to be in position to record a sex tape, its just not adding up and the more people talk about it, the more this chick will be famous for f$cking a celebrity. She doesn’t need to extort money from him now, she’s about to be paid.

“I’m not an extortionist, I’m not a stripper,” I have not broken any laws. I had nothing to do with these recordings.” Well, actually we don’t if she has broken any laws, but morally she and Kevin both did.

She claims she hired Lisa Bloom to “protect my rights,” she hired Lisa Bloom to get her some money. If Lisa didn’t think this was case that she could get paid on, she wouldn’t be representing her. Miss me with that bull sh$t Lisa Bloom!!

Allegedly, the police are looking for the alleged extortionists who allegedly recorded the sex tape of Kevin and Montia, they have already found some proof based on evidence they located. Word is, search warrants have already been issued against the people they believe were involved in extorting money from Kevin and several reliable sources are reporting that cell phone records were seized and with that information in hand, it will indicate who, what and where.

The police are keeping the alleged extortionists on the low low, they should keep that information on the low until all is revealed. Supposedly, the comedian was having a great time in a club with several people he didn’t know, he was just getting down and this Montia was there for the ride. Kevin was having a good time, allegedly he didn’t know who he was partying with and he didn’t know Montia but she knew who he was.

Several media out lets are reporting that the police want to analyze all the information they have already seized before meeting with Montia and her attorney. The police are not going to give her any information, once they have analyzed the evidence, either she was involved or she wasn’t. She claims someone stole her cell phone from the club, so that’s how she’s gonna play it, lets use cell phone thing. Most cell phones need a password and if they didn’t know her, they wouldn’t know her password. Girl bye!!

Kevin will be much smarter next time, like I say, once a cheater always a cheater and there always three sides to a story. We may never really know the truth and that should be okay, this is his life, his family and his pregnant wife, he’s needs to be concerned about rectifying this situation for her and his children.

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B2K Reunion?



Are you guys ready for a B2K Reunion? Former B2K group member Fizz who is currently on the hit reality show Love and Hip Hollywood is looking to get his group back together. If New Edition can make come back and the group Xscape, why shouldn’t B2K reunite and create some grown and sexy music?

When B2K hit the music industry, the group exploded, so many young girls were in love with the group, they made some groundbreaking music, creative dance moves they and they were an instant hit. The group consisted of four black teens who were easy on the eyes and they could actually really sing and dance. The group was successful from from 1998 to 2004, music video’s were a must in the 90’s and that only helped elevate their careers which in turn, made them stars.

There were so rumors about B2K’s manager Chris Stokes, he was accused of allegedly touching Raz-B when he was a child and allegedly forced him to shower with the other members of the group. At the time when these allegations hit, of course Chris Stokes denied the claim but Raz-B and Chris Stokes could have been creeping on the low while he was his manager. Raz-B may have been in his feelings where maybe him and Chris could of have had a consensual relationship behind the groups back. I don”t know but a video surfaced online where in that particular video, they alleged that Marques Houston was also allegedly molested by Chris Stokes.

Omarion issued a statement years ago about Raz-B who accused their manager Chris Stokes of molesting him but I guess Omarion is in denial or Raz-B was lying. Chris Stokes was super manager and Raz-B so far, was the only one accusing their manager. However, Omarion decided to defend his manager against the false allegations that supposedly occurred years ago. Omariom says Chris Stokes was a father figure to him and the group, and that his manager never molested any of them.

After the B2K breakup, the former group claimed Chris Stokes didn’t handle their money right, another allegation Omarion has denied. But why is Omarion so quick to jump of and defend his former manager? Were they creeping on the low low too?

However that is in the past and Fizz wants to really bring the group back together but he is having a few issues with all of them getting on board. When Fizz tried contacting Omarion about B2K reuniting, he never responded to any text messages or tweets so he decided on his own to recruit Ray J as a replacement member. Ray J isn’t that great of a singer, but he’s had some hits but I can’t see Ray J being in a group when he believes he’s hot sh$t and doesn’t need a group and Omarion is successful as a solo artist but I would love to see the original group back together and create a grown and sexy album.

Omarion just wants to be the only star, he thinks the other group members need him and not the other way around. The fans have spoken and they are breaking social media, they want to see this group back together. I know they had issues in the past, they are now much older, married, kids and girlfriends, they can create a grown and sexy album and I guarantee this group would be back on top.

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BET Hip Hop Awards Eminem Destroyed Donald Quack Quack Trump



BET Hip Hop Awards 2017 Eminem made an appearance during on the Hip Hop Awards which was refreshing to see one of my favorite rappers do his thing. His cypher performance was out cold, lets just say Eminem has not lost his touch when it comes to rapping. His entire cypher was about Donald Quack Quack Trump and he killed him with his words. His flow is crazy and he said everything that needed to be say in his rhyme.

Trust me when I say, Donald Quack Quack Trump needs to pick his face up off the floor and fix his toupee because Enimem read his whack a$$. He went hard on the President’s whack a$$ for complaining about the NFL protests instead of taking care of hurricane victims. Donald Quack Quack Trump only cares about himself, he doesn’t care about what’s really going on in our country and I for one am glad that Eminem had the balls to say what he had to say against that racist President.

“Any fan of mine who’s a supporter of his, I’m drawing in the sand a line—you’re either for or against. And if ou can’t decide who you like more and you’re split on who you should stand beside, I’ll do it for you with this: fuck you.”

Check out his cypher below:

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