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Kevin Hart Apologizes



What I want to know, when are women going to learn that a man will be a man at all times, most men think with the wrong head and that’s why they always get caught. When you’re a celebrity, black or white, women are looking to set you up and get paid, a side chick ain’t worth losing your family and a THOT who tries to extort money from you definitely ain’t worth it.

Allegedly Kevin Hart was accused of creeping on the low low with a chica in Miami a few weeks ago, unfortunately a video has surfaced with the comedian and the Miami THOT doing some not so good things. DAMN, I really thought Kevin was smarter than that, too many cell phones out here, people are looking to set you up and yes he was wrong as f$ck and now he is paying the price for his alleged indiscretion.

He released an apology Saturday on Instagram to his family and his pregnant wife for “making mistakes” and not being perfect, this situation is a private matter, he owes the fans and the world nothing. He betrayed his wife and she should be the only person he should be apologizing too. He can cheat a hundred different times, as long as he’s funny and continues to make movies, who are we to judge? This is a husband and a wife issue along with the alleged Miami THOT who is trying to get paid off of him.

We are all aware that Kevin cheated on his first wife, Torrei Hart, she recently accused him of cheating on her with his current wife, but on Saturday, Kevin had to come clean with his alleged infidelity after the Miami THOT allegedly threatened to extort a whole lotta coins from him. He ain’t paying her, she f$cked the wrong one and that’s why he is coming clean with what he did.

Watch the video below:

Kevin posted this message on Instagram:

Sending so many apologies to my wife & kids. I gotta do better and I will. I’m not perfect and have never claimed to be …I love you all.

I’m at a place in my life where I feel like I have a target on my back, and because of that I should make smart decisions, and recently I didn’t,” Hart begins.

“I’m not perfect … and I made a bad error in judgement and put myself in an environment where only bad things can happen and they did. And during that I know I’m going to hurt the people closest to me, my wife and my kids, and it’s a shitty moment when you know you’re wrong,” he continues.

And of course social media is on fire, fans are going in on Kevin, but this is his life and his marriage. People act like they’re perfect and they never stepped outside their marriage. Just because he’s a celebrity doesn’t make him perfect nor does it make him exempt from making mistakes. However, I will say what I always say, once a cheater always a cheater.

Allegedly several media outlets have received a video of the comedian from an anonymous source that shows Kevin allegedly with a woman who has dark hair but she ain’t black, allegedly in a compromising position. The video allegedly shows a short short man who may or may not be Kevin Hart, the video isn’t exactly clear enough to say its him but if it his him, the video is showing him allegedly having sex with the lady with the dark hair.

Kevin was set the f$ck up but this is why he is in this position, somebody had to record him allegedly having sex with this chick. Whoever the person was who made this video alleges that “the comedian spent the weekend of August 17-20, his wife’s birthday weekend in Las Vegas with her and her friends “drinking, doing drugs and having sex with multiple women at the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Hotel.”

A rep for Kevin says, “Someone tried to set up Kevin in a failed extortion attempt. As law enforcement is involved, we cannot comment further as it could affect the investigation.”

That I do agree with but if Kevin hadn’t allegedly stuck his d$ck where it didn’t belong, he wouldn’t have hurt and embarrassed his pregnant wife. She’s the one who is affected by all of this, they are married and expecting a child, no one can pass judgement on her or him if they decide to stay together which it looks like they are. Let them be, she is pregnant and this stress could cause issues for her and her baby. Kevin f$cked up but I still like him, praying they can get through this difficult time together.

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Omarosa Allegedly Fired From The White House



Social media is on after, especially when the world learned that allegedly Omarosa Manigault was fired from The White House. Omarosa really believed that Trump had her back and really respected her, he used her to get black votes and it worked. Now she is allegedly fired, how does she feel about Trump now?

Former “Apprentice” star turned political aide allegedly threw a tantrum in the White House she demanded to speak with the President as chief of staff John Kelly but he obviously doesn’t care for Omarosa to have her escorted by security out of the white house.

Omarosa married Pastor John Allen Newman in a small ceremony at the post office which was turned into a hotel blocks from the White House. Several reliable sources told the Daily News in September that John Kelly was unhappy with Omarosa’s hold on the President. She had that hold as his mistress for years, they have allegedly been creeping together on the low low for years and that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

The staff at the white house didn’t really care for Omarosa, and the staff had no idea what her job was in the white house to get paid $180,000 a year position as director of communications for the White House Office of Public Liaison. If the staff doesn’t know by now how she scored that large paycheck, then they need to have several seats. Its written all over her face and the President’s whack a$$ toupe’, how can anybody miss that?

General John Kelly claimed Omarosa was let go due to many reasons and not just one, including not getting along with the new head of the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Word on the street, Omarosa allegedly used vulgar language and cursed a lot and said she helped elect President Trump,” sources told American Urban Radio Networks’ April Ryan.

“And she said, ‘I brought the black vote.’ General John Kelly said, ‘no, you did not. It’s not there,’” Ryan told CNN. In a statement, the Secret Service denied it removed Omarosa from the White House, but confirmed that she was out immediately. Omarosa’s last days at the white house will not be until January 2018.

“The Secret Service was not involved in the termination process of Ms. Manigault Newman or the escort off of the complex. Our only involvement in this matter was to deactivate the individual’s pass which grants access to the complex,” the agency said.

She should understand that when she rallied for Trump during his Presidential campaign, she lost of a lot friends, black and white, now she needs support. I’m pretty sure she is embarrassed being fired from The White House, the best job ever. Trump never had her back except in bed when they were creeping on the low low allegedly. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

According to the Daily Mal, they are quoted as saying that, ‘Omarosa Manigault Newman resigned yesterday to pursue other opportunities. Her departure will not be effective until January 20, 2018. We wish her the best in future endeavors and are grateful for her service.’

That sounds like a bunch of bull donkey, either she was fired or she resigned. She knew that once she had Trump’s back people wouldn’t support her choice but she believed that Trump would take her to the top when he only cared about getting the black votes.

According to an insider at the White House, Omarosa was angry at whack a$$ President Trump after he supported pedophile Roy Moore, but if that is the reason she was fired, that was some petty bull sh$t but Omarosa knows exactly who she worked for. She knew the man behind that whack a$$ toupe’, and she also knew he was a racist and he has made crude and vulgar comments to women. Omarosa needed to walk away from him, she should have never been so into his campaign knowing his character and what he reprsents.

Omarosa feels like she was the person who helped Trump get elected, but that is further from the truth. She didn’t get many of the black community to vote for him, so how did she get him elected? His racist a$$ appealed to the rich and the white community, she literally rode his back and now he allegedly had security escort her out of the White House. That has to be a blow, she is a very smart woman but when she rallied around Trump she says she lost a lot of her black friends, since she was allegedly fired, will the black community welcome her back with open arms?

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Floyd Mayweather Sues Shantel Jackson



Boxing Champ Floyd Mayweather has a filed a suit against his ex-fiancee’ Shantel Jackson who has been engaged to Nelly for the last couple of years. The champ has accused his ex of “stealing his cash and using his credit cards,” without his knowledge, so he says. I’m just a bit confused, wasn’t she his girlfriend at the time?

Its funny how the boxer who only has an eighth grade education files a lawsuit against his ex days before the lawsuit she filed for domestic abuse against him will be heard. Not too mention she filed her suit in 2014, its 2017, why did it take him years to file a suit against her if he really believed she was stealing from him? He filed this suit as a ploy to get into Shantel’s head, to confuse things and maybe get her to drop the charges.

Shantel filed her suit almost three years ago, she accused the boxer of choking her during an argument, pointing a gun at her head, posting a sonogram photo on social media accusing her of aborting their twins. We aren’t exactly sure what happened with her pregnancy, however we do know that she suffered a loss and I don’t think she aborted her twins by Floyd, again that was another way to get in her head.

“I have been embarrassed and humiliated more than I can ever imagine by Floyd,” Jackson said at a 2014 press conference with her lawyer Gloria Allred.

Shantel’s attorney Gloria Allred confirmed she was pregnant by the boxer in November 2013 and that a December sonogram revealed she was carrying twins but she was having complications. She didn’t speak directly regarding Shantel’s complications with the pregnancy and but the pregnancy ended in January the following year.

When the boxer posted the sonogram on social media and accused of her having an abortion not only did that devastate her, she was extremely hurt and embarrassed. How could he expose her privacy, her grief and her hurt to the world?

“Every woman has a right to privacy and there is no excuse for invading anyone’s privacy, especially about what is happening in one’s own body and one’s own medical records,” Gloria Allred said.

The documents that were filed by Floyd Mayweather’s attorney claims that Shantel Jackson “skillfully concealed” her ability to retrieve his personal information as well as his credit cards and cash, he also claims she would ship items to secret a location without him knowing. What woman doesn’t have or know their man’s personal information or ships items to a different location, that is not a secret location. That’s called being in a relationship and right now he is being petty.

Now he’s blaming “the school system,” because he only has an eighth grade education and that’s how Shantel was able to get over on him. Wow, he should stop, he is a grown a$$ man and he should have learned how to read before or during his relationship with Shantel. As a result, he never audited any of his accounts nor did he keep track of his cash, but whose fault is that? Someone with only an eighth grade education who has money doesn’t have an accountant? He needs to hire one ASAP.

We’ll keep you all posted on both lawsuits.

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