Keshia Knight Pulliam, Ed Hartwell & The Mistress!!

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Keshia Knight-Pulliam is definitely going through the blues with her ex-husband, former NFL player Ed Hartwell. Allegedly the former NFL player had a mistress by the name of Tonya Carroll. Hoes like Ms. Tonya Carroll who is aware that her man is married and continues to date him, is nothing but a slut a$$ hoe. At least wait until the man’s divorce is final, dating him will not make him faithful to her.

Allegedly Ed’s mistress wanted to cause Keshia to lose her baby and if these allegations are true, Ed should have ran as far away from this hoe as possible. If she has no issues with trying to harm an innocent baby, she could harm him or even Keshia with no problems. Why would you allow yourself to remain in a f$cked up situation knowing your side chick has these evil thoughts?

The drama between Keshia and her ex-husband has reached new low, according to court documents revealed on social media, he is requesting joint legal custody of Ella Grace. A female friend of Ed’s, Damia Ward-Henley, testified that Ed’s side chick Tonya came to her asking about what would cause someone to have a miscarriage? She must have thought the a baby would motivate Ed to work things out with his wife but apparently it hasn’t, with those evil thoughts, he could run back to Keshia. Damia claims that Tonya asked her to help her find a a way to cause Keshia to lose her baby, she must have felt alienated because her man was having a baby with his then wife. Talk about being dumber than a box of rocks, I really pray these are just rumors but if his friend testified in court, it could be true and again, why would he stay with someone like her? It also appears that Ed and his mistress have been together for a minute if she was asking how to cause Keshia a miscarriage.

Damia also says she tried to convince Tonya to leave Ed’s married a$$ alone and move on, but women like her want to make it a competition. If Ed chooses her over his wife, in her dumb a$$ mind, she has won. When in actuality, she hasn’t won, she was the side chick, not the wife.

When Tonya found out about Keshia’s pregnancy, she allegedly became irate, she wanted Ed to leave Keshia for her. Why would she want someone’s leftovers especially when he was having a baby with his wife at that time? If Ed wasn’t faithful to Keshia, why would he be faithful to her? Ed and Keshia married quickly, she had to be creeping with him for a minute on the low low while she was still dating Big Tigger.

Big Tigger found out his girlfriend was married on social media, when they say karma is a b$tch, they never lied. Although we don’t like what she is going through, when you cheat on someone, you are guaranteed to get cheated on.

However, this side chick Tonya who wanted to hurt Keshia’s baby will suffer in the end as well. Ed is not going to stay with her, she is good for him right now and karma is still a b$tch, she will pay for her evil thoughts if these allegations are true.