Karrueche Tran 5 Year Restraining Order

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THOT and ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran who dated singer, actor and artist Chris Brown was allegedly granted a five year restraining order against the entertainer. I have seen and a heard of lot things in my life but a five year restraining order? How does that even exist? Did he try to kill her? Was he beating her a$$? Was he threatening to do bodily harm to her?

Several media outlets are reporting that Karrueche testified before a judge last week, stating that after she broke up with the singer, he allegedly texted her violent threats and demanding that she return gifts he purchased for her. So that warrants a five year restraining order? I don’t like when a man buys a woman nice things and when the relationship goes haywire, they want the gifts back. If what she is claiming is true, it wasn’t about the gifts, it was about her. I really don’t see what everyone sees in her, she’s not that attracted to me and that’s just my opinion.

Karrueche also claims that Chris Brown sent threats like, “B—h I will beat the s—t out of you,” “I can get my money back and I’m tired of playing games,” and “I promise you I will make your life hell.”

He also allegedly threatened her over a photo she shared on Instagram which she posed next to actor Michael B. Jordan. This social media will get you in trouble and get your a$$ caught up, when will they ever learn, whatever you put on the internet can come back to haunt you. Allegedly Chris wrote under the photo, “Imma kill blood.” Okay, he’s gonna kill blood meaning he was going to kill her? This is social media, she’s taking this way too far and all I can see is that she’s craving attention. She’s done with Chris, he got her where she needed to be and now she’s acting on the new drama series, “Claws.” Trust and believe without Chris Brown, we wouldn’t know who she is because she wouldn’t be on anyone’s television screen, maybe Instagram.

Karrueche also testified that Chris assaulted her, but assaulted her how? Did he physically attack her? Or did he verbally abuse her? I never condone any kind of abuse whether its physical or verbally, I really hope that what she is saying about my favorite entertainer isn’t true. She seems real sneaky to me and I’m just not feeling her.

Chris Brown’s attorney, David Gammill, asked Karrueche on the stand about allegedly tormenting her ex-boyfriend over rings, which she claims were gifts and I’m pretty sure they were. Chris is in his feelings, she left him and now he’s in court again over a restraining order. His attorney questioned why she never reported his behavior as bad as she claims it was? She says he abused her and she feared for her safety and needed protection. So, I’m calling bull sh$t on that, a restraining order doesn’t stop a person from getting at you if they really wanted too. She can miss me with the bull sh$t.

She succeeded in trying to ruin Chris Brown’s career and reputation, the restraining order will be in affect for the next five years. I hope she’s happy with her actions and now she can move on and quit trying to bring him down.