Kanye West Suffers Memory Loss!!

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Kanye West has definitely had his share of disappointing moments, feeling betrayed and feeling like he is in the world alone when clearly he isn’t. He is going through some hurt that seems to be bottled up and that hurt wants and needs to be released. With all that transpired within this year from his wife getting robbed at gun point in Paris, to his erratic behavior, his public rants and the verbal fight he started with longtime friends, Jay Z and Beyonce’.

Kim being robbed at gun point while in another country is enough to make any man go coo coo for cocoa puffs. Of course that would mess with a man, he feels like he failed her but he didn’t. What could he do for her? They were both in different countries, it wasn’t anything that she did and it was nothing he could do but jump on flight to Paris to comfort his wife and that’s what he did.

The rapper is still recovering from the memory loss and he needs as much rest as possible. I wonder if this is why Kim is so apprehensive about Kanye living with them? When Kanye decided to leave the psychiatric hospital, rumors spread like wildfire, the two aren’t allegedly leaving together and she doesn’t want to leave the kids with him by his self. As a parent and as close as he was to his mother, I know this hurts his soul if those rumors are true that he can’t be there with his children.

Those Kardashian women have a way with men and whatever it is, it keeps them. Kanye, who cancelled the remainder of his Saint Pablo Tour in 2016, made his first public appearance at the New York Fashion Week on Wednesday.

He chose to miss the Grammy Awards 2017 due to his recovering from the memory loss and also had to prepare for his upcoming show at the New York Fashion Week. Even before Kanye suffered this memory loss, he came out and stated that he wouldn’t be attending this year’s Grammy’s, his memory loss had nothing to do with why he wasn’t there. Kanye feels like the Grammy’s don’t recognize enough talented people due to their skin color.

At the 59th Annual Grammy Awards red carpet, Malike Yusef who is Kanye’s partner revealed that he is recovering from the memory loss which had happened after a string of his erratic behavior and abrupt cancellation of his “Saint Pablo Tour.”

Malik Yusef also revealed that Kanye’s memory is coming back and he is healing. Kanye is recovering by spending time with his family and watching his son, Saint West, grow, play and walk gives him strength. He also claims that Kanye is not working on any music these days and is just going through processes. Malik has worked with Kanye for “The Life of Pablo,” which was nominated for Best Rap Album at the 2017 Grammy’s.

Still recovering from the memory loss, Kanye West presented his latest fashion collaboration with Adidas, the Yeezy Season 5 collection at the New York Fashion Week on Wednesday. He made sure the focus of the show lay primarily on the Adidas collection he was presenting and not on him. The rapper also debuted his new platinum blond hair look when he took Kim Kardashian out for a romantic dinner in NYC on the Valentine’s Day. And he looks a hot a$$ mess sniffing around a puppy dog.

Kanye please get it together, we can’t lose another one, too much talent!!!