Kanye Still Not Able To See Kids!!

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Rapper Kanye West has been going through it this year with his marriage, his mental state and his wife’s robbery. Last month Kanye had a mental breakdown and was rushed to UCLA Medical by ambulance due to his break down. He was sent home from UCLA Medical Center and will be getting continued outpatient treatment and hopefully resting at a rental home by himself.

Kim took the kids right after Kanye was discharged from psychiatric care afraid of his mental status. Kim is married to Kanye and as his wife, she has a duty to be by is side and is supposed to be with him through thick and thin. That is what marriage is about, not the glitz and the glam.

Word on the street, Kanye will continue to receive outpatient care until he has fully recovered. I hate to see Kanye in this mental state with all of the talent he has. He needs a support system with him as well as his children and his wife. Kim claims she wants him to get the best treatment available but how can he receive that treatment if he doesn’t have her as his support.

The problem, we don’t see her support for her husband, although their marriage is none of our business, they made it our business by inviting us into their lives. Kim has a published book entitled, “Selfies,” they made their lives public, not the media or the blogs. Lets not forget about her sex tape with Ray J where she made millions of dollars, her reputation is not squeaky clean and she can’t put all of the blame on Kanye. I believe Kim and Kanye married as a business deal, it wasn’t because they were in love with each other and these are my opinions. I’m not asking for anyone to agree with me.

Once Kanye was released from UCLA, he was not allowed back in the house with Kim or his children and to this day, he has not been able to see his family.

Allegedly, Kim thinks that taking their children away is for the best and still supports him. I can’t see how she can support a husband who she isn’t living with. Can you say confused? Word is, she is very stressed out, what the HELL does she have to be stressed out about? Kanye is going through a living HELL and I for one will never feel sorry for her. She has plenty of help with her children and she isn’t the one who could lose his sanity and his career. She is selfish and I just don’t like this B$TCH, I call a spade and she is the worst spade I have ever witnessed.

She so stressed that she is currently preparing for Saint’s first birthday which will be celebrated in her mother’s home or at the couple’s home in Bel-Air. That’s is the perfect definition of being stressed out.

Kanye may not be in attendance for his son’s first birthday on Monday because of his outpatient care. So why didn’t she have his birthday celebration on Sunday, the day before her husband’s outpatient care? Because she doesn’t want Kanye anymore, she used him for what she needed and with his rants and outlandish behavior in public, she wants nothing to do with him. Again, these are my opinions, this what I see and nothing can change my mind.

There are no details yet as to how long Kanye’s treatment will be, but this will either break him or make him stronger.