Kandi Reveals Truth Behind Ex-BFF Phaedra!

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Kandi Burruss has had it with Phaedra Parks. On Sunday’s episode of the hit reality show Sheree calls some sort of “Come to Jesus” meeting between Kandi and Porsha.

Porsha does not agree with how Kandi has been talking about Phaedra, alleging that Kandi has been spreading rumors about Phaedra cheating on her incarcerated husband, Apollo Nida. Kandi is very messy and she is upset that people are siding with Phaedra. The thing is, we can see Phaedra coming, she’s an attorney who lies, she’s fake as HELL, she’s private but she’s educated. With Kandi, you don’t see her coming, you don’t know where she is coming from, the only thing we know, she don’t play about her man, her children, her mama and her money.

Kandi insinuated that Phaedra cheated on Apollo and as her best friend, she would know, but no matter what kind of falling out you have with your best friend, whatever secrets you were told should never come out. Phaedra never divulged in secrets between Todd and Kandi, she was real shady when talking about Todd and Mama Joyce but she never revealed anything about Kandi.

“I didn’t say the word ‘cheated,’” Kandi claims. “I said she was talking to other people before Apollo went to jail.”

“That’s saying that she cheated,” Porsha fires back. “I mean, if your best girlfriend seems like she’s confirming that to the streets…”

“That’s why I am not her best girlfriend, first and foremost,” Kandi says, cutting Porsha off. “But that ain’t stop her from doing s**t to me. She’s not gonna keep running her mouth behind closed doors when people don’t know she’s talking. Don’t think that s**t don’t get back.”

“I’ve never heard her say anything that I felt was below the belt,” Porsha says. “Like, ‘You cheated on your husband and were damn near married to somebody else.’ I ain’t never heard her say something like that.”

“Let me tell you something,” Kandi interrupts. “I don’t give a f**k.”

“Do you ever tell her that she’s hitting below the belt about me and my family?” she continues. “This b***h went around here and told people that they shouldn’t work with us. That was below the belt. That might not be no husband s**t, but that’s money s**t and you know I give a f**k about that!”

“We all give a f**k about some money, but…” Porsha starts, before Kandi fires off more.

“Exactly, and if she had done that to you, you would’ve never been down with that,” Kandi says. “Had she smashed your a** about different s**t a long time ago, you would’ve let her have it. And this is the only way to really explain to people, so when I say, ‘She was full of s**t,’ they won’t have to guess what I meant by that. She was full of s**t.”

Porsha has to allow Kandi and Phaedra to fix their relationship if they want too. She can’t go speaking for Phaedra, if she is rocking with Phaedra, just be her friend. You never know, Phaedra and Kandi may work out their relationship and Porsha will be left in the cold by herself.

There will be a lot more drama to come this season for Phaedra, Porsha and Kandi. Phaedra states that her relationship with Kandi is pretty nonexistent at this point, and in November, Kandi says she doesn’t “mess with” Porsha anymore.

NeNe Leakes is not on this season but there seems to be more drama than ever. They can’t be blame NeNe because she wasn’t around, so who are the troublemakers?