K. Michelle VS Loni Love & Angela Yee!!

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Angela Lee of The Breakfast Club was a guest host this week on “The Real,” girl chat with the rest of the ladies ventured off to K. Michelle who went on Twitter to blast both Loni Love and Angela Yee.

K. Michelle is always getting into a verbal altercation with somebody, she craves the attention. Now I don’t know Loni personally, I see Loni as a funny young lady and she seems down to earth but she will speak her mind when necssary. As far as Angela Yee, she seems a tad bit timid, she talks her sh$t over the radio where she thinks she is invincible, but in person she doesn’t say to much.

Angela Yee shared a crazy interview with K. Michelle on “The Real,” when K. Michelle interviewed with “The Breakfast Club,” the interview got real nasty and real ugly. Angela says she allowed K. Michelle to act as if she was on Love and Hip Hop and she didn’t say a word back to her. That’s what maturity looks like, K. Michelle knows nothing about that. Angela demonstrated how a woman should portray themselves especially when you’re a public figure. Angela didn’t dumb herself down or even go there with K. K. Michelle, she loves drama and she thinks the entire world is after her, why would Angela Yee be after her? Drugs I tell you, if you can’t handle your drug intake, that maybe a sign to stop.

The war between the ladies actually came from Angela and not Loni, so why she went after her is beyond me. K. Michelle is still that same immature, ratchet and self absorb woman she has always been. And this is the reason she can’t keep a man, she needs to check herself before she wrecks herself.

The conversation was low key, no one called K. Michelle out of her name, she just wanted to pick a fight and Loni was her target. It has to be more to it with Loni but she did hit Angela Yee below the belt on Twitter. Adrienne and Jeannie actually seemed to be the ones throwing shade and somehow she goes after the reserved one and the comedian.

K. Michelle found out about Loni and Angela Yee throwing her under the bus and she let Loni and Angela have it. Loni is always a good sport with a beautiful personality, she did what she does best and invited K. Michelle on the show so they could talk it out face to face. That’s that real woman behavior, Loni says lets address it in person and not on social media but mouth almighty K. Michelle wasn’t having it.

K. still hasn’t matured, she has a gorgeous voice but she isn’t happy with herself. All of the plastic surgery she has had throughout the years tells us, she isn’t happy with the skin she was born in, plastic surgery doesn’t repair your inside, you are still that same person. She needs more counseling, she has become addicted to plastic surgery and running her. Her career will never be at a Tamar, Beyonce’ or Mariah Carey level as long as she continues to exhibit the same bad behavior, that makes record labels not want to sign her.

K. Michelle needs to learn to choose her battles wisely and stop social media thugging, it just makes you like a coward.