Joseline VS K Michelle

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Former Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s stars, K Michelle and Joseline Hernandez caught up in some petty beef. It was already strange that these two linked up and became good friends, it was weird watching their connection but they obviously had something that connected the two, it was just weird.

K became an ally to Joseline especially when it came to Stevie and Mimi but also, these have allegedly hooked up with each other, both women are into women just as well as men, maybe that’s what made their connection a little more deeper than we expected. Now the two former friends are at war with each other, how do we know? How else, social media is the place to go if you want to find out about anyone and or anything.

Joseline is still going after Mona Scott-Young saying that she owes her and she wants her money. Mona was ironically spotted in Atlanta with K. Michelle at her Puff & Pearls restaurant with reality star Shekinah Jo, who decided to post a video of herself and K Michelle.

“To all you haters who always have something to say about my girl Mona, we got a real testimony right here,” Shekinah said. “What’s up, K?”

K explained how deep her relationship with Mona Scott-Young goes and how she saw something in her which gave her the confidence to go out on her own.

“Everything she wanted to do came true,” she said. “She has had my back, we’ve been through so much.”

Shekinah asks, “She pay everybody. Ain’t nobody going unpaid!”

“Oooop! 👀 #Shekinah #KMichelle #MonaScott #Joseline @puffandpetalslounge”

K’s video with Shekinah made Joseline feel some sort of way about her, she’s in her feelings now, the new mother took to Instagram to post some cheap shots at her former friend K, with one comparing her to a rat.

“You:Top me:Bottom you do the math! Click up bitches that’s what you gotta do! Dick riders.. I stay popping 😎🕷#LaBoriBori #catchmeifyoucan #runmemymoney #monafea 😂😂😂😂”

Of course K clapped back with a dirty little message herself she posted on her Instagram towards Joseline, accusing her of snorting cocaine in her bathroom among other things.

“@joseline you was the same bitch tryna turn my mansion into a trap house. Snorting crack in my bathroom, bitch give that nose a rest. Puerto Crackhead, I got some time before my greet n meet Hoe. Shenelilica Bettencourt, All the cocaine u do and u still manage to find the time to stick your nose in my business. You can find time to come for me but you can’t comb that pretty little baby hair, what a disgrace. #FreeBonnie”

This is such a petty beef, K never said anything about Joseline, she only spoke on her experience with Mona. However, K should never bring kids into some grown women mess, that I don’t like and just because you and a former friend fall out, doesn’t mean its okay to air her dirty laundry.

Joseline is getting everything she has dished out ten fold, she went after Stevie’s daughter Savannah, K says something about Bonnie Bella, these are grown a$$ women, you never bring kids in the mix. Just because Joseline now has Bonnie Bella doesn’t make her exempt, everyone she has said and done negative things too, she is now going to catch it. Karma is a b$tch, she comes back with avengence.