Joseline Has Daughter Bonnie Bella!!

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Joseline Hernandez gives birth to a healthy, bouncy baby girl who she named Bonnie Bella. So, I love the name Bella but where in the heck did she get Bonnie? Well, I’m glad she finally gave birth and maybe this baby will calm her down.

It felt as if Joseline was pregnant for what seems like a month of Sundays but Stevie just revealed that she has given birth. Its funny how these two aren’t together when she finds out she is pregnant. Then she brings Young Dro around as if he is the child’s father knowing Stevie was her child’s father the entire time. Stevie and Joseline love to play games and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a publicity stunt.

Music producer Stevie announced the happy news as he hit the tweets with the following announcement about 30 minutes ago. Joseline revealed a few months ago that she was having a girl and she and baby Bonnie Bella would be featured on an upcoming VH1 delivery special she also revealed a few days ago that she was ready to pop! Well, she has popped and I bet she is getting paid a whole lot of coins for this VH1 special. Joseline is a hustler and now that she has a baby to take care of, she will be hustling even more.

As we all know, Stevie and Joseline haven’t been seeing eye to eye during the past few weeks, but it was confirmed through a DNA test that Stevie is the baby’s father. Since then, the popular reality stars have been battling in court over their previously unborn daughter, with Stevie even asking a judge to order Joseline to submit to a drug test. He has a lot of nerve, he not too long ago was released from rehab, if Joseline needs to take a drug test then so does Stevie.

Whatever the case, the baby is here now the two ‘reality stars’ are forced to face the fact that they have to deal with each other for the rest of their lives. I can hear fireworks going off all the way from Michigan when these two fight and this time it will be about their daughter. Stevie already has a boat load of kids, he needs to get fixed or abstain from sex and women.