Joe Budden Tries Migos

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Former Love and Hip Hop New York reality star Joe Budden somehow got in his feelings about the newest and hottest group right now, Migos. During the red carpet, Migos sat and had conversation with Complex News. It appears that Migos went off the mark during the noisy BET Awards pre-show which ended up being a verbal altercation with Joe Budden.

“I feel like that’s a running joke … with you being left off ‘Bad and Boujee,’” “Everday Struggle” DJ Akademiks said to rapper Takeoff, at the Microsoft Theater.

The impromptu interview went out of control as DJ Akademiks didn’t hear Takeoff’s response several times when he repeated his answer several times to a dumb a$$ question. He was trying to be funny and nobody was laughing. Migos don’t seem like the type of group you wanna go there with especially if you have no back up.

Takeoff responds, “I ain’t left off ‘Bad and Boujee.’ You think I left off ‘Bad and Boujee.”

I guess Joe Budden got mad somewhere in their conversation and walked away dropping his mic and stormed off like someone cared and like he was 2 yrs old, Joe Budden player cards have been revoked.

That didn’t end things well at all with The Migos, they attempted to go head up with struggling rapper when security stepped in. Joe Budden gets into his feelings a lot but this certainly wasn’t the time, he just showed how jealous he is off The Migos.

DJ Akademiks then tweeted, “Had the pleasure of speaking w Migos. 😏” yeah right, he was scared as f$ck, I can’t stand a$$ kissing nobody.

He then tweets again, “I promise I wasn’t tryna play Takeoff .. man the red carpet Loud (as f–k) … no ear piece. Migo legendary tho.” He should have just let it go!! DAMN!

“Had the pleasure of speaking (with) Migos,” Joe Budden tweeted. Oh he wrong as two left shoes, his facial expression said it all when he dropped his mic and walked away from the interview.

So after that altercation, Migos and Chris Brown’s crew had a situation, now what they wanna do, is leave Chris Brown alone but anyway, they allegedly had an altercation in the parking garage. Allegedly one of Chris Brown’s minion’s shoved Quavo, why? I like Quavo, can we all just get along please?

Ya’ll already know LAPD was there on the scene and ending the entertainers beef, the police reports states there were no arrests following the awards show and that it had been “a quiet night.”

It was a good show, too bad they had to end on a bad note!!