Jennifer Hudson VS Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus is returning as a Judge for season 13 of The Voice, along with newcomer, Jennifer Hudson and regulars Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. Alicia Keyes and Gwen Stefani will not return for season 13 at least for now.

When we were told that Jennifer Hudson would be joining the cast, it kind of shook us up a bit just as it shook us when Miley Cyrus joined the show. No, we didn’t think she was mature enough nor responsible enough to critic upcoming artists, she was still young herself. She came to the show a hot mess, she had issues allegedly with Alicia Keyes and now we hear she is having issues with Jennifer Hudson and the show hasn’t even aired yet.

This was Miley speaking about Jennifer Hudson before the alleged fight:

“It’s kinda crazy, but I’m excited to sit with Jennifer because she said something really cool. She was a mentor on the last live season that I was there and she goes, ‘sometimes, you know, people can be as talented as they want, but if they don’t have a work ethic then you’re not going to make it.’ And she’s like, ‘you’re only as great as you’re willing to work hard.'”

“And I thought that was really cool because I think for a lot of people, it’s so glamorized.” “It’s like, you win and then you’re just famous! But that’s not it. To keep a career like Kelly Clarkson has had or Jennifer Hudson you have to continue to work really as hard as you do when you’re on that show because those kids, they are working so hard when they’re there.”

Word on the street, several media outlets have reported that Miley and Jennifer almost came to allegedly hitting one another back stage today during a taping over who worked harder to get to where they are today. Allegedly, the situation got so out of hand that Jennifer had to be held back from fighting Miley back stage from security. I don’t know, these are rumors, Jennifer Hudson just doesn’t seem like the type who would want to fight Miley over nonsense but anything is possible when you career is dangling from a string.

For me, it really doesn’t matter who worked harder, who is still standing. In some people’s eyes, they are both talented and I’m sure in their eyes they are both talented, I do know that Jennifer can SANG and I know that Miley has a great business mind whose famous father is Billy Ray Cyrus. Although she has a famous dad, Miley still had to work, she wasn’t going to be able to live off daddy alone and she has done that.

Jennifer could be a little salty because Miley has the famous father and maybe she thinks Miley got in made due to her dad but Billy Ray Cyrus was a country artists and Miley Cyrus was more of a pop singer and she has some hits with rappers and r&b singers just as Jennifer. So for me, no one is better than the next, they are who they are in their field and they are good at what they do. Jennifer should never allow some nonsense to ruin a good paycheck! Don’t do it, don’t let them see you sweat, she has worked real hard to earn this opportunity, they want you to fail.