Jen, Malaysia, Brandi Won’t Return To BBWLA Due To Evelyn!!

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Basketball Wives LA are definitely returning this season with the the original crew from day one. Within in the last few years, there has been too much turmoil with the ladies who weren’t originally on the show in the beginning and not too mention the new girls who joined the show trying to make a name for themselves by going hard for no reason. Shaunie is tired of the pettiness, but the originals weren’t that great either. They had petty arguments, betrayals, talking about each other and lying.

One thing we know for sure Evelyn and Jennifer are still beefing and its so petty. I loved their friendship and their dynamic but to end a relationship over a radio show interview that Jennifer did was extremely petty. We thought that Evelyn and Jennifer had buried the hatchet a long time ago but apparently not. It seemed as if Jennifer was afraid of Evelyn and afraid to speak her mind, I guess she did it the only way she could by going on the radio. What Jennifer said was true and for Evelyn to go ham on her was extremely petty.

Jennifer was about to make her comeback on the show, until Evelyn gave an ultimatum–either Jennifer won’t be returning or she was out. To make matters worse Jen had already began filming! They should have let Evelyn go, she has her own reality show and she isn’t the boss. She doesn’t get to decide who stays and who goes. Did she make that same ultimatum with Tami? Probably not, Tami would get tap that a$$ and she’ll go running like a chicken with her head cut off.

When news of Evelyn returning to the L.A. franchise of “Basketball Wives” was announced months ago, Jen also revealed she had also been in talks to appear on the franchise that made both women famous as best friends who ultimately became enemies.

Allegedly these messages hit social media and everywhere else from Evelyn. “Hey, Shade Room! I just want to let the world know how mean and messy Evelyn Lozada is! So, she announced last year that she was coming back to season six of Basketball Wives LA, right? Well, I know that the only way she agreed to come back was if Malaysia Pargo and Brandi Maxiell were fired. She just kept saying that she didn’t like them and…Then she needed to not to return, misery loves company and that Carl Crawford still hasn’t married her. She wants to be the star and make the most money, this is just one of the reasons I can;t stand this hoe.

During the end of Evelyn’s open marriage to Chad ‘Ocho Cinco’ Johnson and the beginning of her relationship with baby daddy Carl Crawford, she was allegedly creeping with a very prominent New Orleans hip hop mogul. He was sponsoring her–paying her bills, paying for her entertainment, etc. She know better than the other THOTS walking around using their vagina to make money.

I don’t like the way she bullied herself to return on the show by making sure Malaysia was fired and she stopped Jen right in her tracks. Why did Shaunie allow this? Malaysia has children to take care of, she is a single mother and Brandi has a son, Jen has no kids but why take food out of these ladies mouths? They are hateful, mean, jealous and envious and that’s a damn shame, Evelyn will continue to be miserable if she doesn’t change her n