Jasmine Wants To Apologize To Rasheeda!!

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s this season has a bomb dropping every week, we’re just expecting the bomb to explode in a huge way. I realize this is “supposed,” to be a reality show, but this sh$t doesn’t happen in real life.

But I digress, we all know that Kirk cheated on his beautiful wife Rasheeda for a troll a$$ stripper by the name of Jasmine who also alleges that Kirk is her son’s father. Now, this b$tch wants to aplogize to Rasheeda, b$tch its too late for a whack a$$ apology, you’re accusing her husband of having your son and you knew he was married, there is no apology this b$tch could give that would even matter. She just needs to get out of the way before Rasheeda beats the breaks off her dumb a$$.

Jasmine claims she was “young and dumb” when she f$cked Kirk, ain’t the b$tch still young? Didn’t she give birth to little Kannon last year? So, when did the b$tch stop being young and dumb because now she’s on this reality show supposedly sleeping with a man and a woman? So, when and how has she changed? Girl bye, sit down somewhere, get a real job and get off the damn pole, because you still dumb as f$ck!!

Now, Jasmine is saying that is was Kirk’s idea to keep their baby when she revealed that she was pregnant, she really is dumb. I don’t believe that for a second, he’s a married man who f$cked up and slept with a stripper and she became pregnant. His mistake was f$cking a stripper with no condom and he continues to say he had on condom, no one believes that bull sh$t, he is too damn old not to know if the condom was still on. Who believes that sh$t, not me, I don’t believe he would want her to keep a baby knowing that he is married. He has already damaged his marriage for this stripper, he wants his marriage to end for a stripper because she had a baby? Did Kirk leave his wife once the baby was born? No, he didn’t, this b$tch lie too much and I don’t like her.

Jasmine claims she has tried to reach out to Rasheeda a few times to apologize and she hasn’t been able to get in touch with her. B$tch Rasheeda don’t want to talk to you, she don’t want your whack a$$ apology, you knew Kirk was married so stop it. Kirk owes her an apology, 100 carat diamond ring and a new Benz, Jasmine’s apology means nothing to Rasheeda, so let the apology hit you where the good Lord split you.

So, then she and Rod sit for an interview on v-103 to discuss this bull sh$t story line on the hit reality show. Naturally the viewers and the fans are wondering if Jasmine and Rod are really scamming Kirk and Rasheeda? It has been revealed that Rod is a scammer and from the looks of things, so is Jasmine.

The DJ asked Jasmine, “would Kirk really have a baby on his wife, knowing camera’s are on them half the year? Is this girl just thirsty for attention?

Jasmine responds, “How could you scam this? I can’t scam Kirk coming into the strip club and meeting me. I cant scam Kirk getting my number and trying to pursue me . Keep in mind, Rod is locked up this whole time, so he has no involvement in anything. How can you scam that? People say I try to trap him, but the gag is…Kirk wanted me to have the baby. Almost his exact words were “we don’t kill no babies around here.” I kid you not.’

Attention and a paycheck even if the baby is Kirk’s, she let the cat out the bag on the first episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. A side chick keeps her mouth shut about an affair, she doesn’t go on a reality show and expose the affair. She’s a sneaky b$tch and Kirk is dumb as f$ck, Rasheeda really needs to leave him in the wind, he had no respect for his wife or his children having sex with a stripper who now says he’s the father.

If Kirk ever takes the paternity test, we’ll know if he is the father but allegedly he’s running from Jasmine, he doesn’t want to take the paternity test for fear the child is his. He is going to lose his family, he’s too old to be acting so dumb, Rasheeda can definitely do better.