Janet Jackson Split From Husband!!

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R&B singer, Janet Jackson and husband, Wissam Al Mana, confirm they are separating, three months after their son was born, the couple decided to split.

Prior to Janet giving birth, the couple had relationship issues but, I believe that Janet thought having a baby with her husband would save their marriage. It’s unfortunate that the couple are breaking up, but having a baby by your husband, fiance’ or boyfriend, will not save the relationship.

Janet became pregnant at age 50 years old and that was a miracle in itself. From what we’ve learned, during her pregnancy, she didn’t experience any complications and that was amazing.

Janet resides in London with her husband and son, she will remain in London with their baby. I do hate that she is separating from her husband, but Janet never seemed too happy with him when they were together.

Janet and her husband named their son named Eissa Al Mana, allegedly the reason Janet resides in London is because her husband demanded they live under strict Muslim laws, which means, as a new mother, Janet can’t be seen in public while nursing the baby. Did he make this sh$t up? Now, I know Saudi Arabia and countries like that have strict Muslim laws, but London? Yep, it was time for her to go, if she stays with him, their child could pay for his controlling behavior and that’s not fair to the baby.

The reason for the split, Janet doesn’t like how he allegedly controlled her during her pregnancy, I’m quite sure his controlling nature exposed itself before she became pregnant. But, like most women, they think they can change a man and they can’t, she allegedly gave him control of her career by allowing him to decide what she wore in public and even the way she performed at concerts.

When he met Janet, he met her the way she was, her passion is music and entertaining, it appears he wanted to take that away from her. It was okay while they were dating but when they got married, his controlling ways revealed itself.

Reliable sources also claim that during her concert in 2014, he demanded that her body was completely covered, instead of wearing provocative clothing on stage while performing. If what these sources are indicating are true, he was doing way too much, this her career, a career she worked hard to maintain. He stepped into her life trying to control her and that’s not the person she was when he met her.

Allegedly, the sh$t hit the fan for Janet when her mother visited the couple in London after she gave birth, but she returned back to Los Angeles after two months in London with her daughter. She was worried about her mother and her husband showed no sympathy or patience for her, that was it for Janet and that’s when she made the decision to walk away.

When you become a mother, all bets are off, you will protect your child to the very end and if that means leaving your spouse, its bye b$tch. Now, when he didn’t show any love or care for her mother, that was the straw that broke the camels back. Janet is a very strong woman, she is capable of raising her son with the help of his father. I wish Janet the best of luck with her baby and her career.