Jaden Smith’s “Batman” Video

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Jaden Smith is of course the son of two famous parents, Will and Jada Smith, we wouldn’t expect anything less from the handsome young man except I really believe he is trying to find himself without being connected to his famous parents.

He is such a talented young man, he writes, he acts, he sings and he models, his clothes are different than most but that’s him expressing himself. I love that he cut his hair, he looks extremely handsome and clean cut and let’s just hope he stays that way.

Jaden has released a new song along with a music video, he’s wearing an all white batman suit and of course the title of the song is “Batman,” I’m not really digging this song but I’m sure the kids will, I guess I’m too old to even understand what and why he created this song but again that’s Jaden Smith and that’s what he does.

You guys tell me what you think about the video, the lyrics and the batman suit. I see a huge future for Jaden if he goes down the right path and he has two parents who will help him attain any goal he sets out for himself.