Iggy Azalea & Odell Beckham Jr.

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So it appears that NFL player Odell Beckham Jr. loves the vanilla women, I have yet to see him dating any chocolate women, the women before his rumored romance with rapper Iggy Azalea was thotalicious Amber Rose. Now, word on the street, the athlete is creeping with the Australian rapper who dated NBA player Nick Young. She obviously loves the chocolate, once you go black, you never go back.

Iggy then allegedly dated rapper French Montana who ironically is rumored to be with thotalicious Amber Rose, so is this the new thing, celebrities share sperm? They all date within circles of each other, that’s definitely not cute, its disgusting.

But I digress, rumors are running rampant that Iggy and Odell are definitely creeping on the low low. Apparently there’s a video of Iggy and Odell getting their grove on together at Demi Lovato’s house. Reliable sources close to the two say that Iggy and Odell were friends but she just recently broke up with her boyfriend who was a producer and that led her to creep with the baller on the low low. Allegedly the two are really into each other but that’s right now, its new and they are creeping, that makes it more fascinating. Once the world finds out, it may not be a good look for either one. He seems a little weird, I don’t see these two being in a relationship for long if they are in fact in a relationship.

When Nick broke Iggy’s heart, she hasn’t really been looking for love, she can’t trust anyone. Right now I think she’s feeling men out and having fun, getting your heart broken by the man you love and trusted, puts that wall up and its hard to break it down. Nick had another baby with his baby mama Keonna Green while he was still in a relationship with Iggy and living with her. That almost killed her, how will she be able to trust again?

Lets just hope she is having fun with Odell, he messed around with Amber Rose and she doesn’t look like her vagina is the cleanest. It has been through the ringer with a lot of different men and I hope Iggy knows to make sure he wears a condom at all times. But, we’ll see if this is a real relationship and if it is, how long it will last.