K Michelle Vs Nya Lee

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Supposedly the premiere trailer for season 4 has proposed a problem. K. Michelle has recently stated she is not angry with anyone or this show. You will not see her on camera helping VH1 with storylines this season. Erica Mena who is not with Rich Dollaz is now involved with a woman named Joe. Erica Mena claims K. Michelle  is afraid to shoot a scene with her. I’m not sure why EM feels this way but this is what she is putting out.

K. Michelle finally admits to her butt being fake. This is definitely no surprise to anyone. Erica, believes K. Michelle is a bitter battered dog and all she did was talk about her and thats pretty sad. K. Michelle says she doesn’t even know Erica Mena. She doesn’t know what the beef is about . She says she will not tape an episode with Erica Mena because she’s silly acting. As stated before, Erica takes that as Michelle being afraid of her. No, I don’t think so, I belive KM believes she has to distance herself from the drama.  Erica needs to remain relevant because she is not as talented as KM, however both women do need to adjust their attitude. Young black women are watching them and paying deep attention to this show. They may not think they’re role models, but they are and they need to be mindful of who they are portraying on national television.