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Hollywood and Football Premiered and this is the recap!! The St. Louis Rams have relocated back to Los Angeles after 21 years calling St. Louis home.

Hollywood and Football details the Rams and their families relocating to Los Angeles. The Saffolds and three other Rams couples, Kenny and Sabrina Britt, Chase and Kila Reynolds, Lance and Danielle Kendricks were chosen to share how their family’s lives changed with the relocation. The new reality show details a small part of off the field life for the whole team, but primarily focuses on summer training camp.

“It really wanted to show our transition. It’s a historical moment,” says Asia Saffold at a pre-game tailgate earlier this month. Her husband, Rodger, is an offensive lineman. “How often does a team uproot from one state to another state? I thought it was cool to be a part of history, to document what we’ve been gong through.”

“Everyone’s going to be talking about [the Rams’ move] for years to come,” Sabrina, wife of wide receiver Kenny. “It was going to be fun to show the real of it: what we go through, how we’re navigating about it.”

The football circle is a small one and they would love to keep it that way. These couples seem to get along, they all know with the NFL, they could move to a new state today but get news they are moving to another state. This is not a life I would like to have, too much moving and not being able to own a house because you may have to relocate at any given time.

“If you go to a new team, odds are that there’s someone there from the previous team that you were on,” she says. “Overall, the vibe for wives and fiancées and girlfriends in the NFL, you want to keep your circles small. You want to keep it within the community of NFL. Everyone’s usually really outgoing when a new person comes, because you want them to feel welcomed. It’s really important. We’re each other’s support system.”

The Saffold’s decide to have a summer 16 welcome party for the team, it seems whatever Asia wants, she gets. She is a beautiful young lady and her husband isn’t bad to look at either.

The Saffold’s family pool party for the L.A. Rams’ players and wives quickly turns wet and wild after Kenny Britt’s little brother brings a group of of THOTS he met at the pool that day to her house. These girls were rude as HELL, they didn’t speak to anyone and they barely had on clothes. I’m pretty sure they were trying to get them a NFL player but they were at the wrong house for that.

“I’m quickly learning that here in L.A. a plus one actually means a plus ten,” Asia says. “I’m sure these girls showed up thinking that they were going to find themselves a nice, single football player to just take into the sunset. But sorry, hunnies, not at this party. All these guys are taken.”

However, that doesn’t stop these THOTS, some of them were really trying to get friendly with those football players. But when one girl attempts to sneak up on Kenny, Sabrina shut that sh$t down and I loved it. That chick slowly walked toward the pool and began undressing in her bikini. Now, no one was in the pool the entire time the party was going on, I guess she thought if Kenny could see what she was working with, he would change his mind.

“I need you to put about five inches between you and my husband,” she says, adding, “Give him five feet!”

“We can still talk from five feet,” Kenny jokes. “It depends on what you’re talking about because I can’t talk about too much. Married man, married man.”
“Sabrina hates thotties,” Kenny says in their confessional. “I can’t go anywhere next to a thottie.”

“A thot is, you know, that ho over there,” Sabrina explains. According to Kenny, she’s even suspicious of the “old lady at Starbucks” who makes his coffee.

“She could be like a cougar thot!” she replies. LOL!

Asia had no idea THOTS were outside, she was laying her children down. She was shocked and surprised when she walked outside to the pool party but I expected her to go the f$ck off, these girls came to her home trying to catch something, a man or a disease. But the police arrived, they received multiple complaints about the noise, that gave Rodger a reason to kick out everyone who wasn’t a Ram.

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Colin Kaepernick Graces The Cover Of GQ Magazine



Former NFL athlete Colin Kaepernick graces the cover of GQ Magazine and he looks good as HELL!! His Afro is everything, it makes him stand out and its important that he continues to follow his path, if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

The former NFL player has a lot of support from his fans and even from quite a few celebrities. Ava Duvernay, who wrote the book “Queen Sugar,” which also a drama series on the network OWN produced by her, she was quoted by saying, “I’m just really honored to know him. He’s sitting there and I’m sitting there and I’m like, “Look at this brother—he’s doing better than any of us would’ve done.” A lot better. With a lot more elegance.”

Rapper J. Cole is always one to speak his mind and stand for issues, he is also quoted by saying, “And he wasn’t backing down. And he wasn’t afraid. He was just being honest. And it didn’t seem like he was looking for attention. It caught me off guard because, you know, nothing personally against him, I just didn’t know when I met him that the person with the biggest balls in sports would be him.”

And lets not forget the former baller’s beautiful girlfriend, Nessa who is a host and radio personality, she is quoted by saying, “I’m very fortunate that I have Colin next to me. It’s everything. We love each other, we care for each other, and we have to remind each other that, hey, we’re doing our part, we’re trying to make a difference.

I’m not much of a football fan but Colin Kaepernick is really making a difference, he won’t be silenced and the NFL needs to wake up, he has no plans of stopping his fight and with all of the people backing him up, the NFL may be in trouble. Wake up and the smell the coffee, its already burning. I respect him as a man, not just a black or white man, just a man who will not be silenced.

This what the baller posted on his Instagram: “Kaepernick@will not be silenced”

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NFL’S Antonio Cromartie’s Reality Show



NFL Antonio Cromartie is currently a free agent, he has played for 11 years and now he’s on a break waiting to see if he would get picked up. In the meantime, the professional baller has 14 kids and 1 on the way with his current wife Terricka. Did ya’ll hear me? 14 damn kids, that’s a whole lotta kids, can he even take care of 14 kids and a wife?

I guess he can afford 14 kids and a wife, his net worth is 12.5 million dollars, talk about making coins, oh he’s good. He allowed the cameras in his home because he wanted to show the world that he isn’t just a professional athlete but he’s a husband and a father as well. He wants us to believe that his family is normal, but with 14 kids, how normal could that be?

“We’re just a large family that has a lot of fun with each other. We’re a very loving family,” Terricka tells PEOPLE. “Although my husband played in the NFL for such a long time, he’s a very present dad. We just want the world to be able to see him in his prime, doing daddy duties and having fun with his kids.”

Antonio’s wife Terricka is pregnant and ready to pop, they are excited about this sixth child, they are having too many kids and they already have their hands full with five bad a$$ kids they have now, including a twin toddlers. These kids would drive me to drank, especially that Jagger, he is just too extra.

Behind every successful man is a smart woman, with all of the kids they have as a blended family, wife Terricka put her thinking cap on and came up with the idea for the show, but Antonio, was a little apprehensive about allowing the world and the cameras into his home and his personal space. But, something or someone obviously changed his mind because they now have a reality show.

“I was hesitant just for the simple fact of bringing the kids on TV — exposing our family,” say Antonio. This is something my wife explained to me that she wanted, to show our family dynamic and how relatable we are. Once she explained it to me I was fully on board and it’s been a great experience.”

“The kids love it! Everything went as planned and went smoothly as possible. They had really big personalities to begin with. But now it’s a matter of them trying to outdo each other … I think it’s kinds just built their personalities up,” Terricka says.

“It was just a great experience for them and I think the world will be surprised by just how big of a personality they all have but also how different they are.”

The family actually filmed over the summer for eight weeks, and with Antonio on a break from football, he really learned how to be a hands on father which was difficult for him at first but he got it together. It wasn’t easy but he did the best he could with his children while his wife was expecting their 6th child together, so that means he has 8 other children out there? Damn, his wife is a good one, 14 kids is way too many kids for any woman to handle.

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