HAHN Return!!

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The Have and The Have Not’s return and the first episode was entertaining to say the least. This could be the action that finally pushes Katheryn over the edge people, and trust me I’ve been waiting to see this transpire. At least she still has Hanna in her corner.

Jeffrey was frantic as he did his best to get in contact with Candace to alert her that her house was being searched. Justin was informed by Jeffrey that he killed Q and Candace buried him in the back yard.

Veronica is definitely showing her true colors when it comes to Katheryn. We learned a lot about Veronica from Katheryn who spoke about her past. Veronica had her college education paid for by Katheryn’s father but she had to sleep with him to get that done. Veronica is a smart attorney and Katheryn knows that. She is intimidating Veronica, toying with her, Veronica is locked in Katheryn’s home and she has this knife she is walking around with taunting Veronica.

Katheryn wanted to know why Veronica had Wyatt raped in prison? She tried to pretend as if she had nothing to do with it but she couldn’t continue with the lie. Jim wanted to clean up the mess, but when a mother sees her child hurt, all hell breaks loose. Jim is still locked up, it feels as if he has been locked up for years. Once he apologizes to the judge, he will be released.

Candace was beating the heck outta of Oscar, oh yeah that isn’t his name. She wanted to know where her $4 million dollars were and he told her it was gone, she continued to beat him with a steal pipe. He finally exposed who he really was and he was hired to set her up. When she took another swing at him with the pipe he grabbed the pipe and the two tussled on the floor. He wanted Candace to work with him and he’ll get her money back, she refuses but something tells me she will change her mind.

Benny and Hanna have come to realize Candace is not who she claims to be and they are losing their house and Benny’s business. I have never seen Benny that mad at his sister, she could never do no wrong but now, she has placed his business in jeopardy and that’s where she went wrong with him. He will never be able to trust her and Hanna has never been able to trust her daughter.

Wyatt finally wakes up out of a year long coma, he over hears Jeffrey confessing on the phone that he killed Q. Wyatt is trying to leave the hospital but he can’t, he just woke up from a coma.

I am curious as to what Katheryn will do to Veronica? Will Hanna and Benny lose everything again? Will the police find Q’s body buried in the back yard? Will Jim ever get out of prison? Will Jeffrey get married and have a baby?