HAHN Recap!!

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The Have And The Have Not’s Recap!! Oooooh I am so mad at Tyler Perry or whoever is doing the writing for this show. Even if he didn’t write this episode, he had to approve it. How can Katheryn get stabbed by Veronica and then gets pushed down a flight of stairs and then wake up from her fall, stand up and go after Veronica again? She is allegedly bleeding from the stab wound but where? I’m so confused all over again.

Then Wyatt wakes up from death, allegedly he was dead from an overdose but he miraculously has a heart beat and winds up in the hospital in a coma. He just happens to wake from his year long coma to hear Jeffrey on the phone with Candace admit to killing someone and burying them in the backyard. When he asks Jeffrey who he killed, Jeffrey tries to pretend like Wyatt was just hearing things. For a man who just woke up from a coma he seems pretty alert and he is not buying anything that Jeffrey is selling.

Candace locates Oscar and beats the sh$t out of him but she still doesn’t get her millions of dollars he stole from her. The police is at her home with a warrant looking for Quincy. She’s ready to do whatever it takes to stop the police from uncovering the dead body buried in her backyard. She calls Jeffrey and she thinks Jeffrey is recording their conversation and she hangs up on him. When he calls her back he assures her that he is not recording their call. But why would he record their phone call when he actually killed Quincy himself? That made no sense, Tyler Perry get back to the writing please!!

David has moved into his own apartment and dating but he has no idea that the young woman he is getting to know is Candace’s friend and she is just as ruthless as Candace. But he is such a dud, we finally saw him man up to a point when it came to Veronica but she still has a hold on him. He is her husband but I have never seen Veronica afraid of anyone or anything but that damn Katheryn got her pissing herself.

Jim who is still locked up, he is the only rich white man who has been locked for over a year that I have heard of. He also has David working on getting War released from prison to get back at Candace. He asks David to check on Katheryn because he hasn’t heard from her. When David checks on her, Veronica runs to him screaming to help her. He notices that Katheryn’s home is a mess and that she is bleeding holding a knife. The end!!