Growing Up ATL Zonnique Pullins

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Growing Up ATL Zonnique Pullins is also a cast member of this new reality show, she is definitely ready to stand on her own without her famous parents. She seems so well adjusted to have parents who are the King and Queen of the south. That just shows you the type of parents TI and Tiny were to her and are to her younger siblings.

I’m glad to see her branch out by herself in this cruel and difficult world, but she has plenty of support. We have all watched this young lady grow from a OMG Girl to being apart of her parents reality show “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle.” I hate this is their last season, watching them as parents, definitely gave us somewhat of an inside look into TI and Tiny and how they raise their blended family.

Zonnique is now 21 years old and she is such a beautiful young lady but she is ready to do her own thing, so this new reality show, “Growing Up ATL,” will definitely test who she is and/or who she wants to be. For a minute now, she has been recording music for her age group and it kind of tells the story of her own life experiences.

Zonnique released her debut EP, Love Jones, which is a more mature song than what she has done in the past. She is working hard to make that niche for herself and I believe she will be just as successful as her famous parents.

In one of the teasers for the reality show, Brandon Barnes who is the brother of Waka Flocka and son of Ms. Deb Antey who is CEO of Mizay Entertainment who has worked with several rappers. Brandon aspires to become a music exec but his mom doesn’t see him in that career field but I do know that he tells Zonnique, “I don’t care who your parents are, where is your hit record?” She began to cry, she so sweet and innocent, she isn’t about that life so when Brandon came at her in that manner, he hurt her soul. That is something she will have to deal with on a daily especially because she has famous parents.

I am definitely looking forward to the premiere of Growing Up ATL, set to premiere on WeTv on May 25, 2017.