Growing Up ATL–Who Is Brandon Barnes?

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Growing Up ATL has a cast of celebrity kids and they are something else and my opinion comes from just the teaser. Brandon Barnes who is also on the show, his mother is the powerhouse, Deb Antey and his brother is rapper Waka Flaka.

Since Waka is well known and making his own way, I guess Brandon feels like its his turn to shine and his mother should be in his corner as she is in his famous brothers corner.

Deb and Waka have appeared on a few episodes of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta but that show is basically for Waka’s wife Tammy Rivera who is actually a cast member on the show. I love Ms. Deb without even knowing her, she keeps it real and to the point, she doesn’t mince words and I definitely look up to her as this strong black woman. She had a rough childhood and she never wanted her children to go through what she went through as a child.

Deb is definitely a respected manager in the music industry and she also works to clean up your image and revamp you from the negative media. She previously worked with Gucci Mane and Nicki Minaj.

Brandon wants to follow in is mother’s footsteps, he wants to manage clients who are aspiring to become singers, rappers, dancers or who and whatever he can manage. His mom is the Founder and CEO of Mizay Entertainment, a management company with clients that include Gucci Mane and her son Waka Flocka and she has worked with a host of other entertainers.

Deb and her son Brandon aren’t seeing eye to eye when it comes to his career choices. He seems to have a chip on his shoulder and maybe that’s because Deb is his mom and Waka is his brother. On one of the teasers, he is having a conversation with Zonnique Pullins who is the daughter of TI and Tiny, he tells her she doesn’t have a hit record and it doesn’t matter who her parents are. He also tells Reginae Carter, whose parents are Toya Wright and Lil Wayne that he could have saved his career. Lil Wayne’s career is not falling, what the heck is he talking about? And how can he save anyone’s career when he hasn’t saved it yet.

Reginae does not play about her father and in the teaser we see her demanding some guys to jump him and we see Toya checking the mess out of him. This show will be much differently than Growing Up Hip Hop, they were kind of stale but Atlanta get’s it popping and bombs will be exploding everywhere!!

Deb will make an appearance on her son’s Brandon’s show but it looks like mother and son are beefing over his career choice, she believes he isn’t ready for this industry like Waka is. The music industry is cut throat, they will stab they mama just to get a chance to be famous.

But we will have to see how it all unfolds when Growing Up Atlanta premieres May 25, 2017 on WeTv!!

  • Heather

    This dude is a joke!! I thought he was hosting a coming out party instead of a listening party, that’s what he needed to be doing!! What’s with his attitude, dissing Wayne, i mean for real like who the hell are u Brandon, or fat boy as is my nick name for him on the show, everytime he starts running that mouth I find myself wanting to yell, shut up fat boy at my tv screen, they damn sure found the most annoying person they could to be on this show that is for sure!! The rest of the cast I love but not him he irritates me to pieces, he need to learn some humility and how to talk to ladies and some respect for his elders before someone beats his ass for that mouth he got!!!

  • Sanja Jackson

    He is Debs GOD SON not a real SON nd he not Waka’s brother!!!He a bully!Unprofessional clown!

  • Nettarae