Growing Up Atl Reginae Carter!!

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Growing Up ATL Reginae Carter is the daughter of rap super star Lil Wayne and reality star, author and entrepreneur Toya Wright. Reginae is all grown up and she is trying to find her way through this world we call life.

She is the daughter of Lil Wayne whose music career has catapulted to the top and it continues grow and grow. Her mother, Toya has found her through this crazy world by showing her daughter how to be independent. Toya and Lil Wayne had a rough childhood, the life the had back then was nothing compared to the life they have now.

However, Wayne and Toya worked extremely hard to get where they are today. They grew up in the projects, Toya and Wayne were parents at 14 and married at 16, they were too young to be living as adults when they were still kids themselves. Circumstances put them in that position but they found a way out of the projects and they have accomplished more in their lives than thought they could ever do. Rap music has definitely made a way for Lil Wayne to feed his family and live the he was destined to live.

Now that Reginae is apart of this new reality show, the cameras will be on her like white on rice as she navigates through life without her famous parents. That will be kind of rough for her, it just seems like everyone knows Reginae Carter is the daughter of Lil Wayne and that in itself will cause her a lot of drama.

Toya doesn’t want her daughter to end up like so many other teens, including herself by growing up so fast. I know that Reginae is ride or die for both of her parents, if you come for them, she will come for you. Toya and Wayne have done their best to keep their daughter on the right track, she didn’t have to grow up like them. Everything was basically handed to her with a silver spoon but that is not how the real world is.

Reginae will be attending Atlanta Clark located in Atlanta this coming September. With this reality show, we’ll get a chance to peep inside her life and watch how she handles fame, haters, love and life. She seems well adjusted but you really don’t know a person until you watch them on a reality show.