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Greenleaf Recap!!



Greenleaf Recap!! I am so addicted to this show its crazy. Every time I watch an episode, it brings me back to my childhood and the church I attended every Sunday. On this last episode, Kevin finally admits to Charity that he has unwanted feelings for men but I believe those feelings are wanted. He is constantly looking at men on his cell phone, if he didn’t have these feelings, he wouldn’t continue to look for men. He breaks Charity’s heart, so much so she falls on the floor and has to be rushed to the hospital.

Kevin isn’t the only man in the Greenleaf estate struggling with how to tell something. Jacob is scheduled to meet with his father and Pastor Skanks about being hired as a pastor at Triumph, the rival church of Calvary and Kerissa is right to worry about Jacob defecting. His move may cost them their home in the Greenleaf estate after all. His former sidepiece is now attending Triumph after Bishop fired her but Jacob assures his wife that she is his only one and even compliments her on her sexy arms while Zora is upstairs playing gangsta rap so loudly it thumps through the ceiling. Kerrisa should be concerned, Jacob will be back in Alexa’s bed, mark my words.

Although Lady Mae already contributed $4500 out of her pocket to secure the grand Peabody Hotel for her Women’s Day event in last week’s episode of Greenleaf, there is still trouble. Connie, head of the deacon board of Calvary, comes to see Lady Mae and asks her to consider moving the event to a less prestigious hotel, the River Bluff, as fewer women will be attending the event. At the smaller hotel with smaller rooms, Connie can still make the event look like a big deal. At the larger hotel, the lower turnout will be more apparent, she explains. However, Lady Mae is not having it and insists that the event remain at Peabody.

Connie then attempts to make a deal with Lady Mae. If she allows Grace to preach for at least three months, she will be able to calm down the rumblings of discord and disapproval she’s heard from members regarding all of the drama that has gone down at Greenleaf lately.

Instead of considering Connie’s deal, Lady Mae lets loose of one of her one-liners. “If Rome is burning, then she is the one who set it on fire!” Whatever is going on with Lady Mae and Grace must be a whopper because Lady Mae acts as if she hates Grace and I wish they would tell the viewers what the real reasons are.

Grace and her baby daddy Ray, who has been clean and sober for eight years, head to court to settle their dispute about where their daughter Sophia lives. Although Sophia testifies that she would prefer to stay with her mother at the Greenleaf estate, the judge decides that after school is out in two weeks, she will return to Phoenix with Ray for 90 days. Despite wanting to stay with mother, Sophia feels caught between the two and is having a hard time dealing with the drama that is her family.

While the Bishop is not an official judge, Jacob along with Pastor Skanks finally meet with the Bishop for Jacob to explain why he wants to be a pastor at Triumph. Pastor Skanks tells the Bishop that spreading the gospel is the most important thing and if Jacob can help spread the gospel, even if it is at Triumph, then that is good. Even if the Bishop sometimes has questionable motives, he usually comes off as a respectable man of God while Pastor Skanks just comes off as a shyster. Something tells me that spreading the gospel is last on his list of priorities…He’s up to something and Jacob is too dumb to realize he is being set up.

Although Bishop undoubtedly does not agree with Jacob preaching for with his rival, he gives him his blessing but he tells him that he will be one to tell his mother.

Adrian believes that Kevin has given him the green light to get his flirt on as the two meet for a cozy dinner at a restaurant. Lights are flickering and glasses are clinking so it seems that is what Kevin had in mind, but when Kevin gets Adrian straight so to speak, Adrian says, “Why are we at dinner?” before leaving in exasperation…

Exasperated in her own right and needing some direction, Grace goes to see her Aunt Mavis. Aunt Mavis, says, “Well look who exists.” Clearly, a visit from her favorite niece is overdue. Grace discovers that her Uncle Mac used his influence with the city government to have her club shut down, but she still manages to give advice to Grace. She says now that she accomplished what she came to you came, you saw, you conquered, she has the green light to head back to Phoenix where she can co-parent with Ray. But for some reason, Grace feels compelled to stay in Memphis.

Later when Lady Mae sees Bishop, lounging on the coach before bed, she tells Bishop that she is no longer content to be the woman behind the man. Rather than have Grace in the pulpit, she can be in the pulpit as a Greenleaf and Bishop agrees that Grace is not the best choice. And at the same time, Bishop knows that speaking once a year at a Women’s Day event does not make one qualified to preach. Lady Mae also pleads with him again tell her what Mac has on him, but he still doesn’t want to say…

Even as Grace fights for her daughter, she is also still grappling with her feelings for Noah. He comes to see her after he explains that Isabel is coming back to town and what that they mean for their relationship, he’ll be back with Isabel for a moment but his heart is truly with Grace. Although Grace and Noah look nice together, maybe too much has happened for them to be the couple they once were as teenagers.

Meanwhile, Kevin goes to the nursery where he is ready to tell the whole truth to Charity. He tells her that although he loves her and wants to be a father to their twins, he’s been having feelings and that he’s prayed about the feelings but they won’t go away. Charity asks, “What kind of feelings?” Kevin responds with “Feelings about men.” When she asks him if he is gay, he says he doesn’t know. By this time, Charity is crying and is so overwhelmed with emotion that she falls to the ground.

Grace hears sirens from her room and in the next scene, everyone is out front as an ambulance has arrived in front of the Greenleaf home for Charity! After Charity and the twins are stabilized at the hospital, she tells Kevin he can go home. He looks so pitiful, he knew he had these feelings before marrying Charity.

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Black Panther’s Michael B Jordan & Lupita Nyongo



Black Panther the movie was great, an all black movie with all black characters was amazing too see. The actors and actresses really stepped up and did their thing. I was thoroughly impressed with this movie as well as the entire cast.

The movie is definitely breaking all box offices all over the world and other countries as well, we shouldn’t have expected any less but what’s more juicier than the movie? Its the tea behind the scenes that has the fans, viewers, staff and other celebrities talking about the chemistry between Michael B Jordan and Lupita Nyongo.

Talented and handsome Michael B. Jordan and the beautiful Lupita Nyong’o may be allegedly creeping on the low low and if they are, please reveal yourselves, we love to see another beautiful black couple making waves in the movie industry together. Both are talented actors and actresses, they are lovely too look at together, we see a match made in heaven.

The two have have actually been doing some devilish flirting on social media and keeping close to each other while making public appearances. The way they look at each other is not from one cast mate to another, its like I want you now from the both of them. It’s so cute though and you know we are suckers for love.

The flirting began on Monday when Lupita shared a video of her storming into Michael’s dressing room at The View and wanting him to do a push up. According to reliable sources close to the actress this wasn’t the first time she had shared a video of Michael, the two made a bet on the set of the Black Panther, and Lupita won the bet, her prize was to command Michael to perform ‘on call pushups’ anytime she wanted. Well, he does work out, look at his biceps, she should have thought of a different type of exercise but it’s still cute.

Monday Michael replied to her video with a now deleted tweet that read: ‘Bring them chocolate cakes back. You ready for round 2?’

Lupita then replied: ‘No dessert until you come correct, @michaelb4jordan! ‘#youknowyouwantthis #youaintready.’

Let’s get it on ya’ll!! They would make a delicious couple, hopefully something does come out of them making the movie a success as well as a romance. Black Panther was phenomenal.

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Cardi B At The Grammy’s



Break out reality star Cardi B is ready for the Grammy’s!! Whatever, she puts her hands on, its a hit, she’s got the magic touch and this is her year!

The former stripper and reality star was asked what was she most looking forward to at the Grammy’s? Cardi answered, “Me, hopefully winning an award. Like what else? Like that’s all I think about to be honest.” Sounds just like a Cardi B answer to me, she holds nothing back, we love her no nonsense style, her craziness and her ability to just be real. She is also excited for her man’s group Migo’s who are also nominated.

Cardi B and Bruno Mars are expected to perform there breakout song, “Finesse,” tonight on the Grammy’s! I so love this song, it takes you back to the 90’s on the “In Living Color,” stage with her and Bruno Mars. What I love most about this song, Cardi is having so much fun, the smile on her face says it all and the connection she has with Bruno in this song is amazing, they both deserve to win!!

Check out the video below:

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