Future Still Creeping W/Larsa Pippen!!

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Former NBA All Star Scottie Pippen was hurt to the core when he learned that his wife Larsa Pippen was allegedly creeping with rapper Future on the low low. He was so upset, he filed for divorce but since he and Larsa are trying to work things out, the divorce is on hold. But, he may want to avoid looking at her Instagram comments because of Future, Scottie’s feeling may get really hurt again.

“Rent Money,” the first track on Future’s new, self-titled album, contains what some are calling a taunt against former NBA star Scottie Pippen. Midway through the track, the emcee, 33, raps, “I make blogs with ya bitch cause I’m ruthless.”

The first line makes specific reference to the fuss caused by Future and Larsa, hanging out, while the more pointed line makes light of Scottie’s Hall of Fame basketball career, much of which was spent playing second fiddle to Michael Jordan with the great Chicago Bulls teams of the 1990s.

The song, and album, were released just days after Scottie posted a picture of him and Larsa with their children on Valentine’s Day, along with the caption, “#TeamPippen stronger than ever!”

Then, just in case that wasn’t enough to get the 51-year-old’s attention, the emcee goes even further to make his point lines later: “I just slam dunked ya bitch hall of fame.”

The song, an appropriately propulsive and misanthropic harbinger of the album to come, makes clear reference to the time the rapper spent cozying up to Scottie’s estranged wife, Larsa, weeks after the couple announced their plans to divorce.

On Sunday, Larsa posted a photo of herself rocking a sexy tight white dress with the caption, “The heart wants what the heart wants.” Larsa is one beautiful woman so I can see why Future may be into her whether she is married or not. But, that’s called being disrespectful when you know Scottie and Larsa are still married. What does Larsa see in Future’s funny looking a$$? He can’t speak correct English, he makes up words and his voice is not clear. He may want to get that checked out.

The image was quickly flooded with messages, one comment caught everyone’s attention. Future posted a yellow heart emoji under the picture with the word “Forever.” So, Future is claiming Larsa but does she know how many children he has? She may want to end whatever they are doing and work on her marriage.

Once Larsa learned of Future’s remark, the former “Real Housewives of Miami” star turned off the comments section on the picture. It was previously rumored that Larsa, 42, and Future, 33, had an affair while she was married to former basketball star Scottie Pippen. Larsa and Scottie have been married for 19 years and I hope she isn’t going to throw her marriage away for a womanizer such as Future who has multiple children and multiple baby mama’s.

Larsa and Future’s close bond was one of the contributing factors in the divorce. Reliable Sources are reporting that Larsa accompanies Future everywhere in his private jet, and when Scottie found out “he couldn’t handle it.”

Both Larsa and Future have denied the affair rumors, claiming they are just friends. Yea right, don’t nobody believe that!!