Future Pissed–Ciara & Russell Wilson!!

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Over the weekend several photos hit the net of Ciara taking Russell Wilson’s training camp with her son Future Zahir by her side. Oooooweeee Future is mad as HELL, he went on another twitter rant, all because Ciara took their son to see her NFL boyfriend at football training. Future, I have never seen you with your son, so why are mad? What if Russell didn’t like your son, you’re mad but this man is trying to get to know your son because of his mother. Quit showing your hand, you doing a Meek Mill allowing your feelings for Ciara take over and you look like a punk a$$ on top that.

As previously reported Ciara brought her son with rapper Baby Future to the Seattle Seahawks training camp after her quarterback boo inked a new $87 million contract…

Russell Wilson just signed an $87 million 4-year deal. Anyway, as you can see Ciara dressed Future in a matching Russell Wilson jersey…which some people feel is taking things too far. That is her son and she has the right to do what she feels, Future needs to step up as a father and maybe these things wouldn’t occur.

The couple has been criticized for their decision to remain celibate. ESPN personalities and reporters Bomani Jones and Chris Broussard even got in on the discussion. While Broussard, who is open about his Christian beliefs, said that he supported the decision, Jones said he thought it was “silly.”

“I think Americans value chastity in a way I find silly, problematic and, ultimately, counterproductive. I don’t apologize for that,” he said after Broussard asked for an apology. “I tolerate a lot of all of your religious views to keep things peaceful. The sex stuff is where I refuse. Be mad. I ain’t. At all.”

Someone else adding to the conversation was Ciara’s ex, Future. When he was questioned about whether he would remain celibate in his next relationship, he told HuffPost Live, “God told him something else.”

“He ain’t tell me to wait,” Future said. “I guarantee you that. We prayed afterwards though. After we did it, we prayed. That’s a true story.”

Ciara, didn’t take kindly to his comments and called “some person” so dishonest. “Furthermore, one’s main focus should be on being a good parent,” she said about Future, who is the father of their son, Future Zahir Wilburn.

Ciara and Russell have dated since they met through a mutual friend last spring. They have not publicly discussed whether they have plans to get married.

Future has a woman in his life and I’m sure if he sees those other children he has, then they all have seen his new woman. He didn’t expect Ciara to move on so fast and maybe he wanted her to beg him beg but one thing about Ciara. She is self sufficient, she upgraded him because I have never heard of him before he began dating her. Future is doing sucka things and being a sucka, he wants to have a twitter beef!! What the heck, is he mad because Russell can tap that a$$? Or is he made that Russell is taking care of his son or is me mad because Russell is spending time with his son? And another thing, is he mad because Russell looks better than him??