Future Blasts Ciara On New Album!!

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Future’s album was released a week ago and his love for everything including codeine to Xanax was all over his fifth album. After the legal troubles Future faced following his Twitter rants about Ciara you would think the rapper wouldn’t want those kind of problems anymore, but celebrities and professional athletes believe the laws don’t pertain to them.

However, the tongue twisted rapper is still out here not giving any f$ck again about the law or Ciara, on his his latest release ‘HNDRXX’ features a song called “My Collection” that goes in on Ciara. It doesn’t take a genius to figure who he is rapping about but why is Future still bent on making her life miserable? Is it because she’s married to a NFL player and she’s pregnant? Remember he cheated on her a few times and got one of his baby mama’s pregnant again while he was still with Ciara, so what is his real issue with her? Men can move on but women can’t and he wants to call her a hoe? He does have 6 children by 5 different women right, so who is the hoe?

She told me she was an angel
She f**ked two rappers and three singers
She got a few athletes on speed dial
I’m tryna get the case dismissed before I see trial
And these codeine habits ain’t got nothin’ to do with my lil’ child
No this codeine ain’t got nothin’ to do with my lil’ child

The custody case the two had last summer was over baby Future and its pretty obvious who he’s talking about. Not to mention Bow Wow and 50 Cent are two rappers. But, who are the three singers and which athletes are on speed dial. It has to be Russell Wilson, maybe Amare Stoudemire too but who else? Why would he put her on blast like that? He’s salty and I can’t stand a salty man, he gets to do what he wants but she can’t date whoever she wants while she is single? He is just a hater pure and simple, his man card is demolished, he has reverted back to a little boy who needs a speech class.

She told me she was an angel
She f**ked two rappers and three singers
I’ma keep it genuine and tell the truth to you
I got this jawn, she know what to do with me
And right now I don’t know what to do with you
I don’t wanna sound like I’m bein’ rude with you
She caught a red eye, leavin’ L.A
I shoulda gave her to the valet
And I had to tell her ’bout Miami
After she came with no panty

The break up of his relationship with Ciara did something to his ego because he cannot let go and I guess this album was his saving grace for him. “I’ve seen so-called good girls turn on me,” he sings on the chorus. In 2015, Ciara’s decision to move on with Russell Wilson really affected his manhood. Things were really complicated when Russell Wilson began to take on a fatherly role to Baby Future. That’s because Future wasn’t being the father he needed to be and Russell was there. Maybe its due to all the children he has, he just can’t make time, he needs to get a vasectomy then. Quit whining like a b$tch and be a father to all your children.

For Future, HNDRXX wasn’t just for the fans, it was for him. To finally be able to voice his heartaches, his disappointments but he is still showing his true colors. He needs to man up and make peace with Ciara and Russell because that football player will be in his son’s life with Ciara being pregnant by her husband. Its just easier to just get along rather than fight with each other.